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Editor-in-Chief: Cor Wagenaar
‘All history is world history’ – but the history of architecture and urbanism is not. It has been written from numerous biased perspectives: the history of the former colonies from that of Europe, the history of twentieth century architecture from that of modernism, the history of Central and Eastern Europe from that of the ‘West’ – and we could expand this list indefinitely. Supporting a historical approach with a historiographical angle, Brill Studies in Architectural and Urban History welcomes books that respect and restore the global dimension of architecture and urbanism, critically re-evaluate existing bodies of knowledge, and are the result of thorough research that are largely based on primary sources. The series has no geographical or temporal limitations – we’re happy to accommodate books on renaissance Italy as well as studies on South-African shanty towns, the main focus of the series being its international and critical approach.

The peer reviewed series accommodates English language scholarly monographs, collections of essays, conference proceedings, and works of reference.
Die inter- und transdisziplinäre Studienreihe Beyond Historicism – New Testament Studies Today baut auf den philologischen Prinzipen auf, die der Übersetzung des Frankfurter Neuen Testaments von Stefan Alkier und Thomas Paulsen zu Grunde liegen. Der philologisch-kritische Respekt vor der jeweiligen Ausdruckskraft der Zeichenproduktion anderer ist nicht nur die wissenschaftliche, sondern auch die ethische Grundlage der Studienreihe Beyond Historicism. Sie publiziert kritische philologische, exegetische und historische Monographien und Sammelbände, die in unmittelbarer oder auch mittelbarer Weise neutestamentliche Texte in ihren jeweiligen enzyklopädischen Kontexten erhellen. Die Verpflichtung zur gründlichen kritischen Philologie als Grundlage der Datenanalyse und der historischen Hypothesenbildung will jeglichen Historizismus hinter sich lassen. Manuskripte können in deutscher, englischer, französischer und italienischer Sprache eingereicht werden. Sie durchlaufen ein peer-review-Verfahren innerhalb des Herausgeberkreises und seines wissenschaftlichen Beirats. The inter- and transdisciplinary study series Beyond Historicism - New Testament Studies Today builds on the philological principles underlying the translation of the Frankfurter Neues Testament by Stefan Alkier and Thomas Paulsen. The philological-critical respect for the respective expressive power of the sign production of others is not only the scientific but also the ethical basis of the Beyond Historicism study series. It publishes critical philological, exegetical and historical monographs and anthologies that directly or indirectly illuminate New Testament texts in their respective encyclopedic contexts. The commitment to thorough critical philology as the basis for data analysis and historical hypothesis formation aims to leave behind any form of historicism. Manuscripts can be submitted in German, English, French and Italian. They undergo a peer-review process within the editorial board and its scientific advisory board.
The series "History of Metaphysics: Ancient, Medieval, Modern" intends to overcome the limits of current research by publishing both canonical and overlooked authors or topics. It aims to enrich and reassess the history of metaphysics through volumes on authors and topics that have shaped the history of thought and yet, for various reasons, have been ignored.

Line drawing cover: Florentin Tanas, Sursaut (detail), Paris 2018.