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The Handbook of Sufi Studies ( HSUF) series serves as the principal reference tool for the field of Sufi studies and an essential forum for theoretically and methodologically sophisticated discussions of the major themes and research methods related to this field.

The goal of HSUF is not just to describe and summarize the findings of the previous scholarship on Sufism but also to engage critically it and to offer new ways to approach it. Special attention is paid to the applicability to Sufi studies of methodological tools developed by sociology, cultural anthropology, subaltern and gender studies, religious studies, literary theory and discourse analysis.

Each volume of the series consists of a general introduction by the editor(s) followed by several general analytic essays on the topics at hand. Each analytical essay, in its turn, introduces several sub-chapters focusing on a particular issue within the overall thematic scope of the chapter. Written by major experts on Sufism, the Handbook of Sufi Studies ( HSUF) series is meant to be a standard reference for both specialists in Islamic and religious studies and non-specialists interested in a balanced and academically rigorous discussion of Sufism.
The Language of Classical Literature is a peer-reviewed series of studies on Greek and Latin language and literature that are informed by modern literary or linguistic theory (e.g. discourse linguistics, narratology, intertextuality, metapoetics). The series is open to monographs, edited volumes, and conference proceedings (provided they have a clear thematic coherence).
The 21st century has been haunted by increasing inequality, both within countries and between countries, across multiple dimensions. There is an increasing need for serious scholarship that questions mainstream perspectives and points towards a more equitable world. The New Scholarship in Political Economy series is designed to showcase the research of recent scholars working in any field of the social sciences whose research is informed by the work of Karl Marx. We seek interesting proposals for monographs, edited volumes, or recent PhDs that could be transformed into a monograph for publication. Authors should be in the early stages of their careers, with the expectation that a publication in this series will help promote their work while bringing attention to the latest scholarship within a critical political economy perspective.

New Scholarship in Political Economy seeks contributions from early career scholars whose research is broadly located in the Marxist traditions in the social sciences. This includes heterodox economic analysis, critical social science research, and an array of inquiries ranging across cultural studies, gender, race and ethnicity research, and more. By early career, we mean scholars in the beginning of their academic or intellectual trajectory who can benefit from having their work appear in print. More established scholars should submit their proposals to the main series: Studies in Critical Social Sciences

For consideration in New Scholarship in Political Economy, authors should send the following: a) working title, b) a precise outline of the scope and focus of their work, and c) a tentative table of contents with a brief annotation describing each chapter. Please do not send full manuscripts until asked to do so. Once a contract has been issued, contributors will receive guidelines and specific instructions on submitting their work.

We are interested in publishing books based on newly minted or imminent PhDs, though we recognize that the process of turning one’s work into a publishable monograph will require a careful recasting and rewriting. A PhD is written to address the requirements of an institution and one’s committee, while a publishable monograph must appeal to a wider audience and does not require the kind of broad justification (literature, methods, etc. demonstrating professional competence) that must be included in a thesis: please bear this in mind when submitting your proposal. New PhDs should include a letter of introduction from an academic familiar with their work addressing the merits of the proposed project.

Authors are cordially invited to submit inquiries or proposals to the series editors David Fasenfest and Alfredo Saad-Filho. For more information about this subseries, please contact the publisher, Jason Prevost. Please direct all other correspondence to the assistant editor, Jennifer Obdam.

New Scholarship in Political Economy is a subseries of the Studies in Critical Social Sciences book series.
This series of monographs, edited volumes, and translations promotes the interdisciplinary study of South Asian Islamicate societies by exploring previously neglected archives and voices and showcasing new methodologies. Informed by popular literature, the visual and verbal arts, socio-religious treatises on reform, canonical works of history and culture, and the creative, ideological, literary, and mercantile networks, this series furthers the study of religious, regional, and linguistic reciprocities.
The book series Philosophy and Human Rights provides a venue for outstanding scholarship on contemporary and newly emerging issues in the context of human rights theory and practice in philosophy. The series favors monographs on human rights that work at the cutting edge of ethics/moral philosophy, social- and political philosophy, and law.
New Frontiers in Social and Political Theory
The Theory Workshop: New Frontiers in Social and Political Theory book series is resolutely interdisciplinary: It aims to publish work that interweaves social and political theory. The term “workshop” in the series name refers to the experimental quality of the work to be published. We welcome studies that explore new approaches and novel cross-fertilizations between historical understanding and critical engagement with the present, between genealogy and ideological-critique, and between Anglo-American and Continental thought (and between these and thought in the Global South), in the examination of enduring questions and emergent topics.

Manuscripts should be at least 80,000 words in length (including footnotes and bibliography). Manuscripts may also include illustrations and other visual material. The editors welcome proposals for monographs written for academics and researchers in the field that are based on original scholarly research that makes a notable contribution to the subject. The series editors will also consider proposals for edited volumes that demonstrate strong thematic coherence and continuity among the contributions.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Jason Prevost. Please direct all other correspondence to Assistant Editor Jennifer Obdam.

Authors will find general proposal guidelines at the Brill Author Gateway.
Friedrich Kittler ist einer der bedeutendsten zeitgenössischen Denker von internationalem Rang. Seine Arbeiten zur Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft, zur Technik- und Kriegsgeschichte, Philosophie, Mathematik und Musik und vor allem der von ihm begründeten historischen Medienwissenschaft wurden bis heute in über ein Dutzend Sprachen übersetzt. Während er für die Einen längst zum Kanon der Maîtres-penseurs zählt, bleibt er für Andere ein enfant terrible, dessen provokanter Zugriff auf unser Geistes- und Kulturerbe nach wie vor irritiert. Unbestritten aber ist, dass Kittlers Schreiben und Reden über vier Dekaden die akademische Welt gründlich verändert hat.
Sein reichhaltiger Nachlass, der im Deutschen Literaturarchiv Marbach zusammengeführt und gepflegt wird, bildet die Grundlage für die Herausgabe seiner Werke. Die Medien, in denen und über die er gearbeitet hat, sollen spezifisch zum Tragen kommen. Das Programm seiner Gesammelten Werke lautet: »Gesammelte Schriften, Stimmen, Hard- und Software«. Die bei Wilhelm Fink erscheinenden »Gesammelten Schriften« umfassen alle zu Lebzeiten publizierten Texte und Unveröffentlichtes aus dem Nachlass sowie ausgewählte Vorlesungen und Interviews; unter »Stimmen« sollen auf audiovisuellen Medien Vorlesungen, Seminare und Interviews zugänglich gemacht werden; unter »Hard- und Software« sollen Schaltpläne und Source-Codes dokumentiert, erschlossen und auf einem Server zugänglich gemacht werden.
Die Edition der »Gesammelten Schriften« wird voraussichtlich dreizehn Monografien, dreizehn Aufsatz- und drei Interviewbände enthalten. Der Editionsplan geht auf Absprachen zurück, die Friedrich Kittler noch zu Lebzeiten mit seiner Frau Susanne Holl und seinem Verleger Raimar Zons getroffen hat. Als Gesamtherausgeber konnte Martin Stingelin gewonnen werden, der auch den ersten, jetzt im Frühjahr erscheinenden Band (Der Traum und die Rede) ediert. Im Herbst 2014 erscheint Musik und Mathematik II, »Roma aeterna«, aus dem Nachlass herausgegeben und kommentiert von Gerhard Scharbert.


1. Hebbels Einbildungskraft
2. Der Traum und die Rede
3. Aufschreibesysteme 1800/1900
4. Grammophon Film Typewriter
5. Optische Medien
6. Eine Kulturgeschichte der Kulturwissenschaft
7. Unsterbliche
8. Musik und Mathematik I.1, »Aphrodite«
9. Musik und Mathematik I.2, »Eros«
10. Musik und Mathematik II (Nachlass), »Roma aeterna«
11. Musik und Mathematik III und IV (Nachlass)
12. Philosophien der Literatur
13. Radio

Neue Studien zur Geschichte Polens und Osteuropas
Die Reihe präsentiert wissenschaftliche Monographien und herausragende Sammelbände mit neuesten Forschungen zur Geschichte Polens und Osteuropas. Die Publikationen verbinden Perspektiven der verschiedenen geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Disziplinen bei der Betrachtung der Vergangenheit der Region. Obwohl der thematische Schwerpunkt der Reihe auf Polen und Osteuropa liegt, haben die Herausgeber das Ziel, diesen Teil Europas in einen breiteren Forschungskontexte zu stellen und dadurch auch anregend auf die Forschung zu ähnlichen Themen in Bezug auf andere Regionen des Kontinents zu wirken. In der Reihe FOKUS werden zudem exzellente Dissertationen vorgelegt, die im angesehenen Wettbewerb um den Wissenschaftlichen Förderpreis des Botschafters der Republik Polen in Deutschland ausgezeichnet wurden. Publikationssprachen der Reihe sind Deutsch und Englisch.
This series aims to publish authoritative, innovative and informative studies on topics in East Asian Buddhist philosophy (broadly construed) from any period, including the modern period. It is devoted to publishing specialist monographs on influential texts, thinkers and philosophical topics; broad comparative studies (such as, but not limited to, Buddhist and Confucian comparative philosophical studies, East Asian and Indian comparative philosophical studies, and East Asian and Western comparative philosophical studies), as well as more specialist studies on topics in Buddhist logic, epistemology, metaphysics, ontology and ethics. East Asian Buddhist Philosophy welcomes studies of how Indian philosophical materials were adopted, adapted, modified, recontextualized, and developed in China, Japan and Korea; as well as studies dealing with Korean and Japanese philosophical texts written in Chinese script.
Established in 2010 to meet a growing international interest in Balkan studies, the Balkan Studies Library series publishes high-quality disciplinary and interdisciplinary research on all aspects of the Balkans with a focus on history, politics and culture. The region is defined here as comprising Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and the countries of former Yugoslavia, including their imperial Ottoman and Habsburg heritage.

The series publishes monographs, collective volumes, and editions of source materials. Disciplines covered include history, anthropology, archaeology, political science, sociology, legal studies, economy, religion, literary studies, cultural studies, gender studies, film, theatre and media studies, art history, language and linguistics. The editors especially welcome comparative studies, be they comparisons between individual Balkan countries, or of (parts of) the region with other countries and regions. All submissions are subject to anonymous peer review by leading specialists.

Until Volume 27, the series was published by Brill, click here.
The series does not publish conference proceedings.