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Ediert von Hans-Albert Rupprecht and Klaas Worp

The Berichtigungsliste der Griechisen Papyruskunden aus Ägypten, compiled under the auspices of the 'Association Internationale de Papyrologues', is an indispensable tool for any editor or user of Greek papyrus documents. Like its predecessors, this twelfth volume lists, in alphabetical order of papyri, the new corrections of readings and datings of published documents, as well as supplementary information, as they have appeared in recent literature. The book is supplied with indexes of new readings and rejected readings of Greek words. The value of the book lies in providing an overview of the explosive growth of research in Greek papyrology, the fruits of which appear in such an extremely wide spectrum of publications, that it may not completely be known or available to professional papyrologists, let alone to historians and philologists who also make use of papyrological resources.
Herausgegeben von H.-A. Rupprecht & K.A. Worp.
Zusammengestellt von F.A.J. Hoogendijk.
Unter Mitarbeit von M.J. Bakker & J. Hengstl


Ediert von M.J. Bakker, A.V. Bakkers, F.A.J. Hoogendijk and N. Kruit

The Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten is a tool of outstanding importance for anyone publishing or studying Greek papyrus documents. The new Konkordanz zu Berichtigungsliste Band VIII-XI or in short B.L. Konkordanz II facilitates finding corrections to published papyri.
After the model set out by B.L. Konkordanz I ( Konkordanz und Supplement zu Berichtigungsliste Band I-VII, Leuven 1989), it guides the user first to the main edition of each text, and refers there to the corrections and other remarks in B.L. VIII-XI that must still be taken into account. References to outdated corrections of older editions have been omitted, so that the user of the Berichtigungslisten does not look up references to no purpose. Among the information provided, special attention is drawn to corrected dates, published photographs and important new editions of texts. Anticipating the publication of B.L. XII in the near future, new editions in Sammelbuch XXIV and XXVI have already been incorporated.
B.L. Konkordanz II, an indispensible tool for users of the printed editions of the Berichtigungsliste.

Die Orationes Homeri des Leonardo Bruni Aretino

Kritische Edition der lateinischen und kastilianischen Übersetzung mit Prolegomena und Kommentar


P. Thiermann

Leonardo Bruni Aretino ( c. 1370-1444) was one of the most gifted and prolific translators of Greek authors in the early Italian Renaissance and a bestseller whose works often circulated in more than a hundred manuscripts. Moreover, Homer ranks as the most admired Greek poet in the Renaissance.
The 'Orationes Homeri', i.e. Bruni's translation of three speeches from the embassy scene, are of focal interest in the studies of Renaissance literature in its many aspects: survival of ancient authors and their influence on Renaissance literature and literary theory, translation theory and practice, knowledge of Greek poetic language.
This first critical edition with an introduction and a systematic commentary presents the 'Orationes Homeri' in comparison with other works of Bruni and translations of Homer by other humanists. It includes the part of the Lorenzo Valla version corresponding to the 'Orationes Homeri' and the Castilian version of the 'Orationes Homeri', which is the first vernacular translation of Homer.