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Within today’s rapidly shifting racial demographics, knowing who to trust can be risky. Family History in Black and White: A Novel traces two competitors for the prestigious position of school superintendent. One is white and one is black; both are urban high school principals. Ben, who had been bullied as a child, craves public recognition but, unsure whether he can trust today’s competitive process to be fair to a white man, wrestles with compromising his own integrity to get what he wants. Roxane, who has navigated racism all her life, craves recognition of her humanity, but can’t be sure which of the professionals around her are actually trustworthy, including her chief competitor, Ben. In the end, both must ultimately reckon with the reverberations of a surprising twist in their histories.
The Power of Autoethnographic Narratives in Education
Educational reality is weaved within stories, poems, and dialogues, as the author demonstrates his becoming of a transformative educator. Transformative learning is important for teachers to think about their practices, change their thinking, and share the stories of their experience for learners’ empowerment.

This is an autoethnographic account of the author's experience as a transformative and transforming educator that unfolds the ways he has used ethical dilemma story pedagogy to explore interpretative and creative spaces for transformative learning, both personally and with a group of trainee teachers who take the responsibility to facilitate students’ learning into a purposeful path. The ethical dilemma story pedagogy provides relatable scenarios to challenge and unsettle learners’ thought processes leading to acknowledgment of multiple viewpoints. Theorising Transformative Learning serves to help educators utilise the sociocultural contexts connected to students’ lives and experiences.