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During the twentieth-century, Christendom shifted its centre of gravity to the Southern Hemisphere, Africa becoming the most significant area of church growth. This volume explores Christianity’s advance across the continent, and its capturing of the African imagination.
From the medieval Catholic Kingdom of Kongo to a transnational Pentecostal movement in post-colonial Zimbabwe, the chapters explore how African agents – priests and prophets, martyrs and missionaries, evangelists and catechists – have seized Christianity and made it theirs. Emphasizing popular religion, the book shows how the Christian ideas and texts, practices and symbols, which have been adapted by Africans, help them accept existential passions and empower them through faith to deal with material concerns for health and wealth, and to overcome evil.
Author: Remco Ensel
This anthropological monograph, dealing with a persistent form of social inequality in the Maghreb, examines the affinities between ancient hierarchical categorization and the emergence of new forms to impress and contest social ranking in the modern nation-state. Point of departure is a detailed account of the ambivalent relations between descendants of the Prophet Muhammad and a social group of humble descent called Haratin in a sanctuary located on the northern fringe of the Sahara. In sections on the division of labour, fictive kinship and supernatural mediation, the book shows how hierarchical ideas are transmitted and instilled in everyday life. The author demonstrates a sensitive ear for conflicting opinions on the meaning of ethnicity and descent-based distinctions.
Richly situated in the anthropological literature, this monograph is a timely contribution to the study of ideologies of social inequality.
Volume Editor: G. John M. Abbarno
This new and expanded edition of G. John M. Abbarno’s anthology The Ethics of Homelessness underscores what is ignored in plain sight: people without a home or dwelling are also without privacy and dignity. It is argued that they lack moral standing. The chapters uncover the harsh realities of poverty where economic value overrides competing human values. Naomi Zack argues that homelessness is symbolic of society’s materialistic values. It has a tendency to resist sufficient charity and perpetuates conditions of injustice. Uma Narayan questions whether the homeless have protection under the U.S. Constitution. Other authors present an enlarged sphere of homeless to include runaway children, refugees, adoptees and the disabled. The book demonstrates the value of applied philosophy.
Information about issues and procedures for media or visual literacy is currently widely dispersed. This title advances current scholarship by transcending traditional research boundaries and combining a number of different backgrounds, such as cultural studies, reading, computers and technology, sociology, textual criticism. It supports an interdisciplinary curriculum; in depth reviews of how media and visual literacy support and extend current print literacy theories and practices; it provides explicit examples of research methodologies and accounts of implementation procedures and policies in schools and colleges. This work focuses on a wide spectrum of media like film, television, children's picture books, computers and newspapers. The contributing authors, who read as a who is who in media literacy come from diverse disciplines, locations, and backgrounds, employ varied lenses and formats to provide broad, innovative definitions of literacy.
Actuality and Virtuality in the Relations between Word, Image and Sound / Actualité et virtualité dans les rapports entre le verbe, l’image et le son
Volume Editors: Paul Joret and Aline Remael
The title of this book, Language and Beyond, suggests a dynamic relationship between two poles in which language is confronted with an otherness that is apparently fundamental to it, and towards which it is seen to be reaching. But what is the beyond of language? Is it an object or an image? Do images, visual or aural, actually constitute a beyond of language? The interdependence of words might appear to perpetuate an absence instead, and yet signs can also be seen to establish a presence by their very materiality. The articles in this collection investigate and therefore postulate some form of dialogue between word and image, but they also test semiotic borders, examining the various shades of the interdependence, conflict or dominance, and the orientation of the relationship.

Ce livre s'adresse aux spécialistes, chercheurs et étudiants, ainsi qu'à un public plus large, aux lecteurs ouverts aux théories, méthodes et pratiques de la recherche interdisciplinaire. Son titre suggère un rapport dynamique entre le langage et ses au-delàs: une bipolarité tour à tour assumée et transgressée, voire intériorisée. Mais quels sont ces au-delàs? Et comment les objets, images, sons ou représentations mentales sont-ils investis ou réinvestis par le langage? Dès lors que la nature séquentielle de ce dernier semble souligner le caractère dérivé et marginal de ses au-delàs, il suffit au contraire de la matérialité même des signes, pour les projeter au coeur de l'expression verbale.
Les articles de ce recueil postulent un dialogue entre le mot et l'image, mais scrutent également les confins des systèmes de signes, les modes et degrés de leurs interdépendances et de leurs oppositions.
Volume Editors: C.C. Barfoot and Theo D'haen
A great deal of stimulating and valuable discussion (as well as some indignation and hot air) has been stimulated by Edward Said, whose provocative study of Orientalism: Western Conceptions of the Orient appeared twenty years ago. This present book will, we believe, be recognized as a worthy addition to the many attempts that have since been made to sift the intrinsic and ingrained attitudes of West to East. The fifteen articles in Oriental Prospects: Western Literature and the Lure of the East cover literature from the Renaissance through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to the modern period, some in pragmatic accounts of responses to and uses of experiences of the Orient and its cultural attitudes and artefacts, others contending more theoretically with issues that Edward Said has raised. Despite all the misunderstanding, prejudice and propaganda in the scholarly and literary depiction of the Orient still today as in the past, what emerges from this wide-range of articles is that no species of literary text or academic study can appear without risking the accusation of escapist exoticism or cultural and economic exploitation; and thus regrettably masking the essential and vital significance of the political and the real and imaginative trading between East and West.
Critical Essays on Nicholas Rescher’s System of Pragmatic Idealism
Volume Editors: Axel Wüstehube and Michael Quante
The System of Pragmatic Idealism is of special importance for Nicholas Rescher's philosophical work, because here he has presented the systematic approach at once. Dedicated to his 70th birthday a group of European and U.S-american philosophers discuss the main topics of Rescher's philosophical system. The contributions which are presented here for the first time and Nicholas Rescher's responses cover the most important topics of philosophy and give a deep and detailed insight into the strenght of Rescher's pragmatic idealism. This volume is of interest for philosophers studying Rescher's philosophy and for all those who are interested in systematic philosophy and the vividnes of pragmatism and idealism in present philosophy.
Author: John R. Shook
Designed to fill a large gap in American philosophy scholarship, this bibliography covers the first four decades of the pragmatic movement. It references most of the philosophical works by the twelve major figures of pragmatism: Charles S. Peirce, William James, John Dewey, George H. Mead, F.C.S. Schiller, Giovanni Papini, Giovanni Vailati, Guiseppe Prezzolini, Mario Calderoni, A.W. Moore, John E. Boodin, and C.I. Lewis. It also includes writings of dozens of minor pragmatic writers, along with those by commentators and critics of pragmatism. It encompasses literature not only concerning pragmatism as an alliance of philosophical theories of meaning, inquiry, belief, knowledge, logic, truth, ontology, value, and morality, but also as an intellectual and cultural force impacting art, literature, education, the social and natural sciences, religion, and politics. This bibliography contains 2,794 main entries and more than 2,000 additional references, organized by year of publication. 2,101 of the references include annotation. Its international scope is focused on writings in English, French, German, and Italian, though many other languages are also represented. Peter H. Hare contributed the Guest Preface. The introduction contains an historical orientation to pragmatism and guides to recent studies of pragmatic figures. This work is extensively cross-referenced, and it has exhaustive and lengthy author and subject indexes.
Aboriginal Culture and Literature in Australia
ARATJARA is the first collection of essays on Australian Aboriginal culture published and edited from Germany. A group of internationally renowned scholars and specialists in their fields have contributed original essays on political and cultural aspects of Aboriginal life today. These various essays treat the struggle of Aboriginal peoples for land rights, their music, and their achievements in theatre, in literature and in the creation of Aboriginal literary discourses, as well as Aboriginal film and television productions and the representation of Australia's indigenous peoples in the white media. Among Aboriginal writers who have contributed to ARATJARA are the politician Neville T. Bonner, the dramatist Bob Maza, the story-teller David Mowaljarlai and the poet Lionel Fogarty, who has been called the most authentic Aboriginal voice among writers using English as their medium of creative expression. The volume is dedicated to Oodgeroo (formerly Kath Walker, 1920-1993), one of the foremost Aboriginal political and cultural personalities, and also contains a number of poems by Lionel Fogarty.
The Work of Wilhelm Halbfass and its Impact on Indian and Cross-Cultural Studies
Volume Editors: Eli Franco and Karin Preisendanz
Wilhelm Halbfass, philosopher and Indologist, is a committed participant in the dialogue between India and Europe, whose reflections on the Indian tradition and its Western perception are accompanied by reflection on and critical examination of the Western tradition. In this innovative combination of Indological research and philosophical-hermeneutical research in the history of ideas, he demonstrates a purpose more ambitious and a scope wider than Edward Said's who constructed the Western study of the so-called Orient as an attempt to deprive it of its identity and sovereignty, and who perceived the pursuit of Oriental Studies in Western universities to be an extension of a fundamentally political will to power and domination. Without denying the domination of the dialogue between India and Europe by the West, Halbfass goes beyond that to show a different way of approaching Indian thought; he strives to establish the presuppositions and prerequisites that would make a true dialogue and mutual understanding between Indian and Western intellectual cultures possible. The papers in the present volume originate from twenty-three scholars of Indology, philosophy, religious studies, comparative theology, classics, folkloristics and political theory, working in eleven countries spread over three continents. They address central issues of Halbfass' work; his critical responses to them commence with an extensive essay in which he assesses in a masterly manner the state of Indian studies almost twenty years after the publication of Said's Orientalismz.