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Author: Xhaferri
This book examines the law and practice of the delegation of rulemaking powers to the European Commission. It combines legal doctrine with empirical research methods to bridge the gap between “law on the books” and “law in action” to fully appreciate the meaning and the impact of the changes post-Lisbon. The results of the empirical case study provide food for thought on how the current legal framework regime for delegated rulemaking by the European Commission could be improved. The findings seek to contribute to the academic and policy debates on this research topic that is likely to continue in forthcoming years.
Reflecting on Power, Participation and Global Justice
Editor: Elisa Fornalé
The open access publication of this book has been published with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

By taking an innovative perspective, Gender Equality in the Mirror aims to advance the debate on gender equalities and to engage with the complexities of their practical implications in everyday life. Through the voice of women who are contributing with their life and work to the pursuit of the collective task of inclusion, the volume develops an original analysis of the socio-economic and political dimension of gender parity to frame implementing pathways of aspirational human rights principles. Gender Equality in the Mirror explores these dimensions with the ultimate aim of raising broad awareness of the need to invest in women’s empowerment for the construction of our society.
In this original and thought-provoking collection, the Editors provide a multilayered study of the "crime of crimes". Adopted in 1948, and based on Raphael Lemkin's idea, the definition of genocide belongs to the cornerstones of international criminal law and justice.
This volume focuses on, among other topics, the narrow scope of protected groups, wider domestic adaptations of the definition, denial of genocide, and current legal proceedings related to the crime in front of the ICJ and ICC. In this way its authors, based primarily in Central and Eastern Europe, analyse and discuss the readiness of the definition to meet the challenges of criminal justice in our changing world. The volume thus offers much fresh thinking on the international legal and legal policy complexities of genocide seventy years after the Genocide Convention's entry into force.
If you want to better understand not only international but also social diplomacy, then this book is for you. If you are a practitioner in traditional diplomacy or a person who want to apply diplomatic ideas and methods in social life, you can find many useful insights in this original work. A scholar and experienced diplomat, the author argues that international and social diplomacy can learn from each other. He explores genuine diplomacy as a goodwill mission, constructive engagement, and dialogical interaction that can help states, non-state organizations, companies, groups, individuals, and their aggregations to create public goods and make positive social changes.
Author: Yuji Iwasawa
Domestic Application of International Law analyses the domestic application of international law, with a particular focus on the concept of direct applicability. It critically examines the relevant doctrine and practice and proposes a new analytical framework. It argues, inter alia, the following: direct applicability is a question of domestic law ; international law is presumed to be directly applicable; the criteria for direct applicability are grounds to exclude rather than establish direct applicability; the positive intent of the parties should not be considered a criterion; domestic legal force is a prerequisite for direct applicability; a relative approach to direct applicability should be adopted.