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Economic Thought and Practice in Early China
Ancient Chinese economic thought has never been related to the evidence of economic practice. We know how state economies were supposed to be run in theory, but not the degree to which economic thought reflected everyday economic activity. Moreover, it is still not clear to what extent economic thought constituted a separate field of inquiry and was independent of fundamental cultural notions or political considerations. Finally, why was there so much more sustained interest in political economy in China than anywhere else? This book sets out to consider such questions through contextualised analyses of both received and newly excavated sources on economic thought and practice.

Contributors are Paul R. Goldin, Yohei Kakinuma, Maxim Korolkov, Elisa Levi Sabattini, Andrew Meyer, Yuri Pines, Christian Schwermann, Hans van Ess, and Robin D.S. Yates
Collected Studies on Byzantine-Muslim Encounters
Author: Daniel J. Sahas
Arabs and the Middle East were among the first to embrace Christianity, leaving their print on its culture. Thus Byzantium, by geography and culture, encountered Islam at its birth. No wonder that many saw and treated Islam as a contemporary Christian “heresy” – whatever the word may connote. Radical events fill the history of Byzantium (330-1453) encountering the world of Islam: conquests, wars, cultural and diplomatic relations, manifestations of mutual admiration – and exclusion! Their story makes for a fascinating branch of either Byzantine or Islamic studies; the literature about each other forming a distinguished section in either field.
This collection of studies is a sample of Byzantine perspectives of Islam offering, hopefully, expressions and solutions rather than creating impressions or illusions.
In the early modern period, images of revolts and violence became increasingly important tools to legitimize or contest political structures. This volume offers the first in-depth analysis of how early modern people produced and consumed violent imagery and assesses its role in memory practices, political mobilization, and the negotiation of cruelty and justice.

Critically evaluating the traditional focus on Western European imagery, the case studies in this book draw on evidence from Russia, China, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, North America, and other regions. The contributors highlight the distinctions among visual cultures of violence, as well as their entanglements in networks of intensive transregional communication, early globalization, and European colonization.

Contributors include: Monika Barget, David de Boer, Nóra G. Etényi, Fabian Fechner, Joana Fraga, Malte Griesse, Alain Hugon, Gleb Kazakov, Nancy Kollmann, Ya-Chen Ma, Galina Tirnanić, and Ramon Voges.
The electronic version of the Études sur le judaïsme medieval series.

Established over 50 years ago by the late Georges Vajda, the series Études sur le judaïsme médiéval, while specialising in Rabbanite and Qaraite texts in Hebrew, Judaeo-Arabic and Judaeo-Persian, publishes scholarly monographs, collective volumes, conference proceedings, as well as editions and translation in all areas of Medieval Jewish literature, philosophy, science, exegesis, ethics, polemics, mysticism and Genizah studies, focusing on the philological and philosophical approach.
This collection contains the electronic version of the following volumes published in this series: Volume 1 up to and including Volume 91, with the exclusion of Volumes. 32 and 4724 (will not be published in 2021).
Brill's European History and Culture E-Books Online, Collection 2000-2006 is the electronic version of the book publication program of Brill in the field of European History and Culture from 2000-2006.

Medieval History, Medieval Archeology, History of Central and Eastern Europe, History of Northern Europe, Mediterranean History, Jewish History, Medieval Philosophy, History of Ideas, History of Science

This E-Book Collection is part of Brill's European History and Culture E-Books Online Collection.

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Manuscripts, Versions, and Transmission
Author: Vevian Zaki
In this study, Vevian Zaki places the Arabic versions of the Pauline Epistles in their historical context, exploring when, where, and how they were produced, transmitted, understood, and adapted among Eastern Christian communities across the centuries. She also considers the transmission and use of these texts among Muslim polemicists, as well as European missionaries and scholars. Underpinning the study is a close investigation of the manuscripts and a critical examination of their variant readings. The work concludes with a case study: an edition and translation of the Epistle to the Philippians from manuscripts London, BL, Or. 8612 and Vatican, BAV, Ar. 13; a comparison of the translation strategies employed in these two versions; and an investigation of the possible relations between them.
This collection contains the electronic version of the following volumes published in this series: Volume 1 up to and including Volume 55.
The electronic version of the Mittellateinische Studien und Texte series.

Founded in 1965, Mittellateinische Studien und Texte has grown to be the main forum for the publication of high-quality studies on the Latin literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (ca. 6th through 16th centuries). Many senior scholars in the field have published in this peer-reviewed series. Monographs in the series cover literary history, paleography, the history of the language, the history of the transmission of texts, as well as rhythm and metrics. Volumes include original scholarly monographs, as well as critical editions of Latin primary sources (with analytical essays or commentaries).

Die im Jahre 1965 begründete Reihe Mittellateinische Studien und Texte hat sich zum bedeutendsten Publikationsort für herausragende Studien im Bereich der Lateinischen Philologie des Mittelalters und der Renaissance (6. bis 16. Jahrhundert) entwickelt. Viele renommierte Vertreter des Faches haben Bücher in dieser wissenschaftlich begutachteten Serie publiziert. Jedes Jahr erscheinen zwei bis drei neue Titel. Die Arbeiten stammen aus den Bereichen der Literaturgeschichte, der Paläographie, der Sprachgeschichte, der Textüberlieferung sowie der Rhythmik und Metrik. Es handelt sich dabei entweder um erstmals veröffentliche wissenschaftliche Monographien oder um kritische Editionen lateinischer Primärquellen (mit analytischen Beiträgen oder Kommentaren).
This collection contains the electronic version of the following volumes published in this series: Volume 1 up to and including Volume 131.