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Faits de Langues

Journal of Language Diversity

Edited by Anaid Donabedian and Reza Mir-Samii

Faits de Langues aims to bring to the fore the diversity of the world’s languages and to present different viewpoints and frameworks within the field of linguistics (covering areas such as phonetics, morphology, syntax, lexicology, and sociolinguistics), viewed from various perspectives (such as typology, diachrony, language acquisition, epistemology, speech-language pathology, and cognition).
Faits de Langues gives high priority to the use of original empirical data and has no preference for any theoretical framework. Articles should be based on clearly defined research questions which are not theory-internal and therefore accessible to readers with different theoretical backgrounds. The journal is published in two issues per year, consisting of one general issue and one special issue. The languages of the journal are English and French.

Faits de Langues promeut les études sur la diversité des langues du monde sous tous leurs aspects (phonétique, morphologie, syntaxe, lexique, sociolinguistique…) et la confrontation des approches au sein du champ des sciences du langage (typologie, diachronie, acquisition des langues, épistémologie, pathologies de la langue, cognition, linguistique théorique, etc.).
Faits de Langues privilégie le recours aux données empiriques originales. La revue n’exclut aucune approche théorique. Les articles doivent s’appuyer sur une problématique clairement définie, et être pertinents et accessibles pour un lecteur issu d’un autre cadre théorique. La revue publie deux numéros par an, dont un numéro spécial. Les langues de la revue sont le français et l’anglais.
The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies is an annual critical bibliography of scholarly work done in the modern languages (except English). The bibliography is collaboratively edited under the direction of the general editors. All contributions are in English and written by acknowledged experts in the field.
The following languages and literatures are covered:
- Medieval and Neo-Latin; French; Occitan; Spanish; Catalan; Portuguese; Galician; Latin-American; Italian; Romanian; Romansh
- Welsh; Breton; Cornish; Scottish Gaelic
- German; Dutch; Danish; Norwegian; Swedish; Yiddish
- Czech; Slovak; Polish; Russian; Ukrainian; Belarusian; Bulgarian