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For over sixty years, Professor Fuat Sezgin meticulously documented the literary and scientific writings and achievements of Muslim scholars. His celebrated Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums (GAS), the largest bio-bibliography for the Arabic literary tradition in general, and the history of science and technology in the Islamic world in particular, is still of utmost importance for the field.
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This volume is part of the continuation of Felix Jacoby’s monumental collection of fragmentary Greek historiography. It contains new editions of the works On cities, On islands, Foundations, Names of peoples, Changes of names and Aitia. These works deal mainly with the early, often mythical, history of Greek cities and regions but also touch upon their later history. For the first time, all the texts have been provided with a translation and a comprehensive commentary, which contains many innovative interpretations. It also makes these difficult texts accessible to a non-specialist readership.
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Dass die Mistforke leichter sei als die Schreibfeder und der Schweinestall besser rieche als die Stube der Studenten“ – gegen diesen Irrtum kämpft 1525 Jacobus Montanus mit einhundert Musterbriefen an. Seine Schüler sollen sie aus ihrer Muttersprache ins Lateinische übersetzen. Ergänzende Formulierungshilfen aus antiken Autoren bahnen ihnen den Weg zu gelehrter Eloquenz. Obwohl unter Zeitgenossen hoch angesehen, liegt keines der Werke des westfälischen Humanisten in moderner Ausgabe vor. Die ‚Centuria epistolarium formularum‘ / ‚Hundertschaft Briefmuster‘ führt ins Zentrum seines Schaffens. Sie wird hier erstmals in kritischer Ausgabe vorgelegt. Ihre Briefe bieten alltagsnahe Einblicke in die Lebens- und Bildungswelt Westfalens, und ihre Lektüre bereitet oft Vergnügen. Eine moderne Übersetzung erleichtert den Zugang. Ein ausgiebiger Kommentar erschließt sie dem an vormoderner Alltags-, Bildungs- und Regionalgeschichte Interessierten.
The Contemporary Sources for the Study of the Council of Nicaea (304–337)
“Fontes Nicaenae Synodi” is a sourcebook that provides the original text with an English translation and footnotes of the contemporary sources for the study of the Council of Nicaea (325). These sources are letters, canons, creeds, imperial documents, and synodal statements that deal with the theological, institutional, and disciplinary issues discussed at Nicaea – not only the “Arian” controversy. The book includes texts that are contemporary with the events, i.e., written between the beginning of the Melitian crisis (ca. 304) and the death of Constantine (337). They were passed on in Greek, Latin, and Syriac. The year 2025 will see a centenary of the synod of Nicaea (325–2025), which will be a promising scenario for discussing the Nicaean Council, a pivotal event in the formation of Western culture.