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Edited by Reinhard Hoeps

Das Handbuch der Bildtheologie gibt eine gründliche Einführung in Phänomene, Begriffe und Geschichte des Bildes aus theologischer Perspektive. Der vierte Band widmet sich grundsätzlichen Fragen zwischen christlicher Religion und Kunst. Die Bildtheologie geht den Valenzen des Bildes im Christentum nach, entwickelt sie als theologische Perspektive und bringt sie in den Diskurs mit Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften ein. Das Handbuch entwirft das Tableau der historischen und systematischen Fragen der Bildtheologie.In der Moderne ist das Verhältnis zwischen Christentum und autonomer Kunst problematisch geworden. Der vierte Band des Handbuchs der Bildtheologie beleuchtet die historischen wie systematischen Dimensionen dieses Spannungsverhältnisses. Band I: Bild-Konflikte Band II: Funktionen des Bildes im Christentum Band III: Zwischen Zeichen und Präsenz Band IV: Kunst und Religion


The Historical Roots of a Political Challenge


Edited by Mark Gilbert and Daniele Pasquinucci

Euroscepticism has become a political challenge of imposing size. The belief that the EU would continue, inexorably, to increase its responsibilities, its membership, and its credibility with the electorates of Europe seems like a pipedream. Almost every major European country now has a political party (whether of the left or right) that is openly opposed to the EU’s institutions and core policies. However, a political phenomenon on this scale did not spring up, mushroom-like, overnight. Sentiments, attitudes and political standpoints against the European Union have deep roots in the national histories of the various member states. This book assembles a group of scholars from across Europe to investigate the long-term origins and causes of Euroscepticism in an apposite range of EU countries.

Contributors are: Gabriele D'Ottavio, Kira Gartzou-Katsouyanni, Mark Gilbert, Adéla Gjuričová, Simona Guerra, Thorsten Borring Olesen, Daniele Pasquinucci, Emmanuelle Reungoat, Paul Taggart, Antonio Varsori, and Hans Vollaard.


Hayeon Kim

For hundreds of years, disputes on the origin of the Septuagint, a biblical text that was translated from Hebrew into Greek in the third century BCE, and the number of its translators have been ongoing. In Multiple Authorship of the Septuagint Pentateuch, Hayeon Kim provides a clear solution to the unsolved questions, using objective and consistent set of translation-technique criteria, and traditional and computerized tools of analysis. According to the author, the translation of the Septuagint Pentateuch has two facets: homogeneity and heterogeneity. The common socio-religious milieu of the translators is apparent in the similar translation techniques, however, the individual characters of the five translators are also evident in their distinct translation styles

Alexander Schintlmeister

This book is the first comprehensive work on oriental Notodontidae (Lepidoptera) outside mainland Asia. The studied area includes also Borneo Island, the Malayan Peninsula, entire New Guinea with adjacent islands. All species are illustrated in both sexes with a total number of 1272 specimens on 51 colour plates. Genitalia photos of both sexes as well as detailed distribution maps are provided for each species.
The book deals in the first volume with 298 species and contains descriptions of 99 new notodontid taxa. A second volume will treat with the remaining 160 species and include also a comprehensive biogeographic analysis.

Securitising Asylum Flows

Deflection, Criminalisation and Challenges for Human Rights


Edited by Valsamis Mitsilegas, Violeta Moreno-Lax and Niovi Vavoula

Since the past few years, the considerable influx of refugees to the EU has led to a profound reconceptualisation of its immigration control strategy, with emphasis on the co-option of new partners, such as the private sector or third countries, and the prevention of movement through extraterritorial controls. The externalisation of immigration control has also been increasingly linked with the securitisation and criminalisation of asylum, particularly in the form of tackling human smuggling to which those in need usually resort to. This edited volume that comprises of contributions by both legal scholars and practitioners, provides a multi-faceted overview of these legal responses and examines their implications from a human rights and rule of law perspective.


Edited by Brigitte Weltman-Aron, Peter Westmoreland and Ourida Mostefai

Silence, Implicite et Non-Dit chez Rousseau/Silence, the Implicit, and the Unspoken in Rousseau prend acte d’un grand nombre de publications ayant trait à l’analyse par Rousseau des langues et du langage, de la parole par rapport à l’écriture, de la voix (y compris la voix de la nature). Mais ce volume se consacre tout particulièrement au fonctionnement et aux effets du silence, de l’implicite et du non-dit dans la pensée de Rousseau. Son approche est à la fois polyvalente et cohérente, et ses réflexions sur le silence sont associées à d’autres préoccupations esthétiques, politiques, et morales de son œuvre.

Silence, Implicite et Non-Dit chez Rousseau/Silence, the Implicit, and the Unspoken in Rousseau capitalizes on a great number of publications dealing with Rousseau’s analysis of languages and language, speech versus writing, of voice (including the voice of nature). But this volume is particularly dedicated to the study of the functioning and the effects of silence, the implicit and the unspoken in Rousseau’s thought. His approach is both polyvalent and consistent, and his reflections on silence are associated with other aesthetic, political, and moral concerns in his work.

State, Religion and Muslims

Between Discrimination and Protection at the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Levels


Edited by Melek Saral and Şerif Onur Bahçecik

State, Religion and Muslims: Between Discrimination and Protection at the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Levels brings together the academics from different academic disciplines and 0ffers an in-depth analysis of discrimination against Muslims in western countries affecting them in specific areas of life. The volume provides a comprehensive look at the legislative, executive and judicial dimensions of discrimination across the 12 Western countries situating discriminatory practices in their institutional framework with a multidisciplinary look.

Exploring the most formidable aspects of the discrimination against Muslims – education, employment, exercise of religion, state relations with religious communities and hate crime and hate speech- the volume illustrates that the individual, structural and institutional discrimination against Muslims living in western countries has become a routine.

Contributors are: Amina Easat-Daas, Andrea Pin, Beesan Sarrouh, Camille Vallier, Dieter Schiendlauer, Eva Brems, Ineke van der Valk, Ksenija Šabec, Maja Pucelj, Mario Peucker, Mosa Sayed, Nesa Zimmermann, Niels Valdemar Vinding and Safa ben Saad.


Diana Lange

Diana Lange's patient investigations have, in this wonderful piece of detective work, solved the mysteries of six extraordinary maps of routes across Tibet, clearly hand-drawn in the late 1850s by a local artist, known as the British Library's Wise Collection. Diana Lange now reveals not only the previously unknown identity of the Scottish colonial official who commissioned the maps from a Tibetan Buddhist lama, but also the story of how the Wise Collection came to be in the British Library. The result is both a spectacular illustrated ethnographic atlas and a unique compendium of knowledge concerning the mid-19th century Tibetan world, as well as a remarkable account of an academic journey of discovery. It will entertain and inform anyone with an interest in this fascinating region. This large format book is lavishly illustrated in colour and includes four separate large foldout maps.

Warmes Wasser - Weiße Ware

Energiewende im Badezimmer 1880-1939


Nina Lorkowski

Die Arbeit untersucht den Wandel der Energienutzung im Privathaushalt am Beispiel der Körperpflege in Deutschland. Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei Geräte zur Warmwasserbereitung, die als Bestandteil komplexer Ordnungen wie Wohnen und Energieversorgung untersucht werden.
Die Autorin nimmt dabei einen Zeitraum in den Blick, als in Deutschland weder Badezimmer noch moderne Geräte zur Warmwasserbereitung bereits massenhaft im Haushalt Verbreitung gefunden hatten. Doch wurden Anwendungsmöglichkeiten für den privaten Haushalt diskutiert und ausprobiert. Auch flossen die ersten Erfahrungen von Nutzern in die Entwicklung von Geräten oder Konzepten für den Massenwohnungsbau ein. Durch die Einbeziehung von Egodokumenten und weiteren Hinweisen auf die Aneignung der Geräte im Privathaushalt kann die Weiterentwicklung insbesondere der elektrischen Warmwassergeräte als Aushandlungsprozess zwischen Herstellern, Energieversorgungsunternehmen und Nutzern beschrieben werden.

Antiquity and Enlightenment Culture

New Approaches and Perspectives


Edited by Felicity Loughlin and Alexandre Johnston

This volume represents the first move towards a comprehensive overview of the place of antiquity in Enlightenment Europe. Eschewing a narrow focus on any one theme, it seeks to understand eighteenth-century engagements with antiquity on their own terms, focusing on the contexts, questions, and agendas that led them to turn to the ancient past. The contributors show that a profound interest in antiquity permeated all spheres of intellectual and creative endeavour, from antiquarianism to political discourse, travel writing to portraiture, theology to education. They offer new perspectives on familiar figures, such as Rousseau and Hume, as well as insights into hitherto obscure antiquarians and scholars. What emerges is a richer, more textured understanding of the substantial eighteenth-century engagement with antiquity.