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The Annales typographiques contains detailed descriptions of 2.186 Elzeviriana. The standard bibliography.
Sciences des Mages – Hermétique – Astrologie – Kabbale – Franc-Maçonnerie – Médecine ancienne – Mesmérisme – Sorcellerie – Singularités – Aberrations de tout ordre – Curiosités. Réimpression anastatique autorisée [Reprint of the edition Paris, 1912]
The most important bibliography for all occult sciences. Lists 11.648 items, with full title, imprint and collation of each, notes about the books and brief biographical data about the authors.
Edited by G. Schilder, P. van der Krogt and S. de Clercq. Includes bibliography of Marcel Destombes (pp. xviii-xxiv).
Peint et lithographié par / Painted and drawn on stone by Elisa Champin, Coutance, Faguet, Clémencet et E. Godard
Facsimile-edition of the extremely rare and famous collected edition of all vegetable-posters which had been published by the distinguished Paris wholesale dealers in seeds, the firm Vilmorin-Andrieux, one each year, from 1850 to 1884.
Nouvelle édition. Réimpression complète au format reduit [Small-size Reprint of the Edition Würzburg, 1920-1922 which is a Reset Copy of the Edition Leipzig, 1854-1870]
Author: Adam Bartsch
Small-size reprint of the 22 vols. of this famous standard work in reduced form: each page of the reprint containing four pages of the original. Vols. I-IV: Dutch (and Belgian) artists; V-XI: German artists; XII-XXI: Italian artists; XXII: Supplements.
La première version du Nouveau Testament copié par Pierre Meghen, 1506-1509
Author: Henri Gibaud
First publication of the original Manuscript of an epochmaking work which went through five printed editions in the author's lifetime and well over twohundred editions during the sixteenth century. Introduction, all variants, notes etc.; the Vulgate text printed parallel with Erasmus' version.
Published on the occasion of the quartercentenary of the death of Guillaume Postel (1510-1581). Contains the following hitherto unpublished texts:
• Traduction du Sefer-ha-Bahir
• Apologie à G. Lindan
• De la restitution de la vérité démonstrative des temps courants
• Aphorismes pour servir d'appendice au De Orbis terrae concordia
• De magia orientali
• Catastrophes veritatis et victoriae aethernae de praesentis mundi immutatione
• Qu'est ce que de l'image de Dieu à laquelle l'homme est crée, formé et faict?
They are preceded by an introduction and followed by an index.
Bibliographie générale des Pays-Bas [Nouvelle impression de l'édition de 1964]
General bibliography of the Netherlands, the Bibliotheca Belgica lists and extensively describes:
I. All books printed in the Netherlands in the XVth and XVIth century, and principal works printed from 1600 to 1800
II. All books written by Belgians or Dutchmen, as well as all works concerning the Netherlands published abroad
III. The bibliography of all printers of the Low Countries established in foreign countries.
Started in 1879, this general retrospective bibliography of the Netherlands consists of some 240 fasc. in folio 16mo, of about 100 pages. The original format was unpractical. The re-issue of Bibliotheca Belgica in 4to volumes, classified in alphabetical order of the entries, consists of five volumes of about 1000 pages each, fasc. 1-230, followed by a sixth complementary volume, fasc. 231-240 and index.
Author: Jean Lebeau
The theme of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) was immensely popular during the sixteenth century, and flourished especially in contemporary German Theatre. This comprehensive analysis offers a complete parnorama of the social, economical and political realities of the period, emphasizing the religious and pedagogical ideals of the Renaissance. Contains a mine of bio-bibliographical information.
Author: Amédée Roget
One of the most important source books about the town of Geneva and its people at the time of Calvin.