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Ediert von Carsten Hjort Lange und Frederik Juliaan Vervaet

The Historiography of Late Republican Civil War is part of a burgeoning new trend that focuses on the great impact of stasis and civil war on Roman society. This volume specifically concentrates on the Late Republic, a transformative period marked by social and political violence, stasis, factional strife, and civil war. Its constitutive chapters closely study developments and discussions concerning the concept of civil war in the late republican and early imperial historiography of the late Republic, from L. Cornelius Sulla Felix to the Severan dynasty.

Prophets, Gods and Kings in Sīrat Sayf ibn Dhī Yazan

An Intertextual Reading of an Egyptian Popular Epic


Helen Blatherwick

This book is a literary, intertextual study of an Egyptian popular epic. In this innovative study, Helen Blatherwick investigates how various sources, including Islamic qiṣaṣ al-anbiyāʾ (‘tales of the prophets’), Pharaonic, Graeco-Roman and Coptic Egyptian myths and narratives, and recensions of the Alexander Romance function as intertexts within Sīrat Sayf. Blatherwick argues that these intertexts are deployed as narrative devices which are readily recognisable to the story's audience, and that they are significant carriers of meaning and theme. Crucially, these intertexts also interact within Sīrat Sayf to bring a conceptual continuity to its discussion of kingship and society that stretches from this late-medieval epic back to ancient Egyptian narratives.

Art, Intellect and Politics

A Diachronic Perspective


Ediert von Giusy Maria Ausilia Margagliotta und Andrea Aldo Robiglio

The volume explores the relationship of artists and intellectuals from ancient Greece to modern times. Special attention is paid to Plato, Augustan poets (including the reception), Soviet art (Mayakowsky) and Jewish intellectuals. Non European contexts (China, Turkey) are treated as well.


Ediert von Noel Harold Kaylor und Philip Edward Phillips

The articles in this volume focus upon Boethius's extant works: his De arithmetica and a fragmentary De musica, his translations and commentaries on logic, his five theological texts, and, of course, his Consolation of Philosophy. They examine the effects that Boethian thought has exercised upon the learning of later generations of scholars--including, to a degree, scholars of the 21st century. The field of Boethian Studies has enjoyed a continuous history of works that treat either the entire Boethian tradition or major aspects of it. This volume offers a comprehensive study, and its construction is systematic, considering Boethius's works both as central to the disciplines that they represent and to the areas of scholarly interest that they influenced, and it is framed by articles on the historical contexts in which those works were produced.

Contributors include: Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr., Stephen McCluskey, Rosalind C. Love, Jean-Yves Guillaumin, Siobhan Nash-Marshall, John Casey, Paul E. Szarmach, Christine Hehle, Glynnis M. Cropp, Dario Bancato, Ian Johnson, Mark T. Rimple, Ann E. Moyer, Fabio Troncarelli, and Philip Edward Phillips.

Ordering Chaos

The Self and the Cosmos in Twelfth-Century Latin Prosimetrum


Bridget Balint

From c. 1100 until c. 1170, Latin prosimetrical texts characterized by dialogue, allegory, and philosophical speculation enjoyed a notable popularity within the cultural ambit of the French cathedral schools. Inspired by Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy, the prosimetrum writers applied his literary techniques to the ethical and anthropological concerns of their own era, producing texts of great artistry in the process. This book investigates the rise of the Boethian impulse in Latin, the innovations of the twelfth-century writers, the difficulties that arose when they attempted to recapture the certainty that characterized the Consolation, and the survival of aspects of this literary mode in later Latin and vernacular literature.

Ancilla Calliopeae

Ein Repertorium der neulateinischen Epik Frankreichs (1500-1700)


Ludwig Braun

This book presents for the first time a panorama of about 85 neo-latin epics composed in France during the 16th and 17th centuries; the collection includes historical, biblical and hagiographic poems, ranging from a few hundred to thirty thousand hexameters.
A full account is given of the contents and composition of every poem, the historical, biblical and hagiographic background is explored, and the poets' debt to classical poetry is analyzed with as a clear result the growing influence of Vergil and, during the 17th century, of Tasso as well. The repertorium is intended as a sort of guide, which provides the reader interested in Neo-Latin, Classics or the literary history of France conveniently with well-founded information on this literary genre.

Petronius Rediuiuus et Helias Tripolanensis

id est Petronius Rediuiuus Quod Heliae Tripolanensis Uidetur Necnon Fragmenta (Alia) Heliae Tripolanensis


Marvin L Colker

Elias of Thriplow, a village near Cambridge, was a schoolmaster in the thirteenth century. Apart from his complete Serium Senectutis, he wrote several works that have survived only as extracts, many of which are extensive. Elias seemingly wrote what has been called Petronius Rediuiuus, a collection of tales and of essays about knights, merchants, women, and farmers. This collection frequently reflects the influence of spicy Petronius, rarely read in the Middle Ages. Elias is important for his criticisms of medieval society, for the history of narrative literature, and for the history of English humanism.
This new book offers the first critical edition of all the extracts from Elias and publishes many of these for the first time, with commentary indicating sources for the ideas and language.