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Jonathan Daly

A History of Russian Law

From Ancient Times to the Council Code (Ulozhenie) of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich of 1649


Ferdinand J.M. Feldbrugge

The beginnings of Russian law are documented by the Russo-Byzantine treaties of the 10th century and the oldest Russian law, the Russkaia Pravda. The tempestuous developments of the following centuries (the incessant wars among the princes, the Mongol invasion, the rise of the Novgorod republic) all left their marks on the legal system until the princes of Muscovy succeeded in reuniting the country. This resulted in the creation of major legislative monuments, such as the Codes of Ivan the Great of 1497 and of Ivan the Terrible of 1550. After the Time of Troubles the Council Code of the second Romanov Tsar, Aleksei, of 1649 became the starting point for the comprehensive Russian codification of the 19th century.


Edited by Constanţa Vintilă-Ghiţulescu

Women, fashion, consumption, luxury, and education are the main subjects of our researchers. The contributors of this volume accompanied women and objects in their travels across Modern Europe and offered thorough and diverse analyses connecting the circulation of people with the circulation of ideas.
Making use of the archive materials, visual sources and museum collections, the authors pointed out the richness of the region and the role of women in promoting new ideas of modernity. The information contained here will help the public to better know and understand the part of women's sociability in building new nations and constructing new identities along South-Eastern Europe and beyond.