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Edited by Dikaia Chatziefstathiou and Andrea Kathryn Talentino

Edited by Sabine Baumann and Monica Flegel

All the World’s a Stage: Theorizing and Producing Blended Identities in a Cybercultural World explores the extent to which cyber and “real” selves increasingly overlap, intersect, and entwine. As the quotation from Shakespeare indicates, the question of the roles we play in society and their relation to our self is not new; however, the rise of cyberculture has further complicated the relationship between our sense of self and our social roles, because it provides more opportunities to adopt new or changed identities. Some contributors to this volume welcome the complexities of the self that cyberculture has engendered, and explore changes in morality, community, and identity. Others acknowledge the negative effects of such performative identities, questioning what we lose by constructing ourselves so constantly in response to a virtual audience. Nevertheless, cyberculture is now “real” culture, and coming to terms with who we are online increasingly determines who we are altogether.

Edited by Tuuli Lähdesmäki and Beverly R. Sherringham

Philosophical discussions on beauty have a long history. The discussions manifest the ambiguity of the concept; meanings of beauty and its role as an explanatory power of diverse tangible and intangible phenomena vary between disciplines and theoretical points of view. What is the essence of beauty? The notions of beauty comprises opposing qualities by being simultaneously a timeless idea penetrating all cultures and a profoundly historical concept, whose focuses, definitions, and contents change in the process of time and vary between different cultural contexts. The significance of beauty for man is undeniable: it is a driving force in cultural production and creative thinking and a source of diverse emotions ranging from exhilaration to religious devoutness. Philosophies of Beauty on the Move investigates the essence of beauty by exploring its ontological and epistemological terms of existence in order to understand the paradoxes of beauty.

Edited by Hassan Bashir and Susmita Roye

Edited by Dina Mansour, Sebastian Ille and Andrew Milne

Edited by Tania Honey

Edited by Nicholas van Orden

Edited by Janice Zehentbauer and Eva Gledhill

Edited by Anya Heise-Von Der Lippe