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Western Crime Fiction Goes East

The Russian Pinkerton Craze 1907-1934


Boris Dralyuk

This book examines the staggering popularity of early-twentieth-century Russian detective serials. Traditionally maligned as “Pinkertonovshchina,” these appropriations of American and British detective stories featuring Nat Pinkerton, Nick Carter, Sherlock Holmes, Ethel King, and scores of other sleuths swept the Russian reading market in successive waves between 1907 and 1917, and famously experienced a “red” resurgence in the 1920s under the aegis of Nikolai Bukharin. The book presents the first holistic view of “Pinkertonovshchina” as a phenomenon, and produces a working model of cross-cultural appropriation and reception. The “red Pinkerton” emerges as a vital “missing link” between pre- and post-Revolutionary popular literature, and marks the fitful start of a decades-long negotiation between the regime, the author, and the reading masses.

Various Authors & Editors

Early Slavic texts
The Izbornik XIII ...

This collection is also included in the Early Slavic Texts collection.

Edited by William R. Veder

Early Slavic texts
The Scaliger Paterikon

This collection is also included in the Early Slavic Texts collection.

Various Authors & Editors

Russian Symbolism
Including Futurism, Acmeism and Imaginism

All items in this collection are connected with Symbolism, Acmeism, Futurism, and other movements of the aesthetic revival in Russia which began around 1890. Collection includes works representing the "silver age" of Russian literature. Authors such as A. Blok, A Akhmatova, K. Bol'mont, V. Briusov, A. Belyi, S. Esenin, Z. Gippius and many others are included.

A. H. van den Baar and Hilda Meijer

Slavic Palaeography

Works on Slavic palaeography as well as material useful for the analysis or comparative study of old handwritten texts, such as reference material, diplomatics, computistics, and printed liturgics.