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Bulgarians by Birth

The Comitopuls, Emperor Samuel and their Successors According to Historical Sources and the Historiographic Tradition


Vasilka Tăpkova-Zaimova

Bulgarians by Birth is a collection of sources concerning the revolt of the Comitopuls and the Empire of Samuel, as well as the war between Bulgaria and Byzantium in the late 10th and early 11th century. Each source is accompanied by an extensive commentary. It is the first collection of sources in translation on this topic to be published.

Vladislaus Henry

The Formation of Moravian Identity


Martin Wihoda

This book offer a biography of a key East Central European ruler, Vladislaus Henry, who ruled the Margraviate of Moravia from 1198 to 1222 and, in cooperation with his brother, King Přemysl Otakar I of Bohemia, was involved in the transformation of the Holy Roman Empire into a free union of Princes.
The study also describes the successful modernisation of Moravia and Bohemia during the 13th century, and reflects on the beginnings of the politically emancipated community of the Moravians, which was defined by land values. The work thus draws attention to a previously overlooked dimension of the European Middle Ages, including the history of not only states and nations but also of lands.