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Edited by John Tchalenko and Emma Loosley Leeming

This book is the first full-length work concerning the restoration and excavations carried out at Qal’at Sem’an in Syria in the twentieth century. It was written by the notable architect and archaeologist Georges Tchalenko based on his notes, plans, photographs and sketches as he undertook the work in the years before and during the Second World War. Left unpublished at the time of his death during the Lebanese Civil War, it is published here for the first time in the original French with an English translation. The text is richly illustrated throughout and accompanied by a biographical essay by John Tchalenko and an introduction to the historiography of Qal’at Sem’an and Symeon Stylites by Emma Loosley Leeming.


Georges Tchalenko

Translator Emma Loosley Leeming, John Tchalenko, Emma Loosley Leeming and John Tchalenko


Emilie M. van Opstall

Sacred Thresholds. The Door to the Sanctuary in Late Antiquity offers a far-reaching account of boundaries within pagan and Christian sanctuaries: gateways in a precinct, outer doors of a temple or church, inner doors of a cella. The study of these liminal spaces within Late Antiquity – itself a key period of transition during the spread of Christianity, when cultural paradigms were redefined – demands an approach that is both interdisciplinary and diachronic. Emilie van Opstall brings together both upcoming and noted scholars of Greek and Latin literature and epigraphy, archaeology, art history, philosophy, and religion to discuss the experience of those who crossed from the worldly to the divine, both physically and symbolically. What did this passage from the profane to the sacred mean to them, on a sensory, emotive and intellectual level? Who was excluded, and who was admitted? The articles each offer a unique perspective on pagan and Christian sanctuary doors in the Late Antique Mediterranean.

Bonus Intra, Melior Exi!

‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ at Greek Incubation Sanctuaries


Ildikó Csepregi

The Door to the Sanctuary from Paulinus of Nola to Gregory of Tours

Enduring Characteristics and Evolutions from the Theodosian to the Merovingian Period1


Gaëlle Herbert de la Portbarré-Viard

Entering the Baptistery

Spatial, Identity and Salvific Transitions in Fourth- and Fifth-Century Baptismal Liturgies


Juliette Day


Volume-editor Emilie M. van Opstall

Filters of Light

Greek Temple Doors as Portals of Epiphany


Christina G. Williamson