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Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Vindobonensis

Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Vienna 2015)


Edited by Astrid Steiner-Weber and Franz Römer

Since 1971, the International Congress for Neo-Latin Studies has been organised every three years in various cities of Europe and North America. In August 2015, Vienna in Austria was the venue of the sixteenth Neo-Latin conference, held by the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies. The proceedings of the Vienna conference have been collected in this volume under the motto “ Contextus Neolatini – Neo-Latin in Local, Trans-Regional and Worldwide Contexts – Neulatein im lokalen, transregionalen und weltweiten Kontext”. Sixty-five individual and five plenary papers spanning the period from the Renaissance to the present offer a variety of themes covering a range of genres such as history, literature, philology, art history, and religion. The contributions will be of relevance not only for scholarly readers, but also for an interested non-professional audience.


Edited by Astrid Steiner-Weber, Franz Römer, Ludwig Braun, Avelina Carrera-de la Red, John Considine, Virginie Leroux, Daniel Nodes, Sonja Schreiner and Fabio Stok