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Brill Open Humanities

An International Journal

Editor-in-Chief Rens Bod

This journal was announced but will not publish.

The Comfort of the Mystics

A Manual and Anthology of Early Sufism


Gerhard Böwering and Bilal Orfali

This critical Arabic text edition of Salwat al-ʿārifīn wa-uns al-mushtāqīn, a manual of early Sufism by Abū Khalaf al-Ṭabarī (d. ca. 470/1077), is based on a very old manuscript preserved in Dār al-Kutub al-Miṣrīya of Cairo, Egypt and copied in 459/1067. It is introduced by a detailed analytical study of the author and his work. Salwat al-ʿārifīn forms an integral part of Sufi literature and reflects Islamic developments in Nishapur in northeastern Iran. This crucial Arabic text, published for the first time, is especially valuable because of its great philological accuracy and sound textual tradition. It represents an essential source for the intellectual history of Islam during the middle of the 4th/10th to the middle of the 5th/11th century.

The Lineaments of Islam

Studies in Honor of Fred McGraw Donner


Edited by Paul Cobb

In honor of Fred M. Donner's long and distinguished career as one of the foremost interpreters of early Islam, this volume collects more than a dozen original studies by his students. They range over a wide array of sub-fields in Islamic history and Islamic studies, including early history, historiography, Islamic law, religious studies, Qur'anic studies and Islamic archaeology. The book also includes a bibliography of Donner's works and a biographical sketch of sorts. Taken together, these essays are a clear testament to Donner's wide-ranging and continuing impact on the field.

Contributors include: Sean W. Anthony, Jonathan A. C. Brown, David Cook, Vaness De Gifis, Asa Eger, Tracy Hoffman, Marion H. Katz, Kathryn M. Kueny, Shari Lowin, Jens Scheiner, Robert Schick, Stuart Sears, Elizabeth Urban, Tasha Vorderstrasse, Brannon Wheeler, and Hayrettin Yücesoy.