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Entangled Histories of the Balkans - Volume One

National Ideologies and Language Policies


Edited by Roumen Dontchev Daskalov and Tchavdar Marinov

Modern Balkan history has traditionally been studied by national historians in terms of separate national histories taking place within bounded state territories. The authors in this volume take a different approach. They all seek to treat the modern history of the region from a transnational and relational perspective in terms of shared and connected, as well as entangled, histories, transfers and crossings. This goes along with an interest in the way ideas, institutions and techniques were selected, transferred and adapted to Balkan conditions and how they interacted with those conditions. The volume also invites reflection on the interacting entities in the very process of their creation and consecutive transformations rather than taking them as givens.

Contributors include: Alexander Vezenkov, Constantin Iordachi, Raymond Detrez, Ronelle Alexander, Roumen Daskalov and Tchavdar Marinov.