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These last three books of Josephus’s Antiquities detail Jewish history between the establishment of direct Roman rule in Judea in 6 CE and the outbreak of the Judean rebellion against Rome in 66—a rebellion that culminated in 70 with the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple. Along the way, these books also constitute the main source for the context in which Christianity was born. This volume offers a translation of Josephus’s Greek text, along with a commentary that aims to clarify the history to which Josephus testifies and also its meaning for him as an exiled Jerusalemite and rebel-turned-historian.
Art and the Aesthetics of the Incredible in Neronian Rome
Golden Excess: Art and the Aesthetics of the Incredible in Neronian Rome is the first monograph to offer a full art historical synthesis of the rich archaeological and monumental evidence for Nero’s remarkable principate. An outsized and innovative artistic program emerges, informed by aesthetics of excess, the grotesque and learned luxury, that rivals the cultural achievements of Rome’s first emperor, Augustus and stands in stark contrast to the universally negative and disparaging accounts of Nero in ancient authors. Indeed, Neronian Rome witnessed an astonishing efflorescence in the arts whose lasting effects still resonate.