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A Medieval Grain Market and Confraternity
Orsanmichele had a vibrant life in the centuries before the majestic fourteenth-century loggia was built. This work provides a new narrative for Orsanmichele in the era before the Renaissance. Volume One explores Orsanmichele from the twelfth century as the locus of prominent Florentine families who worked to develop a communal government, commercial enterprises, and a strong judiciary. It traces the history of the piazza and its church, which became a center for governmental actions. It examines the emergence of a court system that eventually served the larger city, and a monastery that fought for its existence as the commune grew. This Volume Two examines Orsanmichele from the mid-thirteenth century, as the piazza transformed into the city’s grain market, which fed the entire population daily. It considers the market’s tandem confraternity, with its stunning Madonnas over three successive loggias, which became among the most successful of Florentine institutions. This work examines the grain market and confraternity from a social, economic, political, and artistic perspective. It provides extensive data on the Florentine grain trade, daily sales at the market, and the nexus between traders, political leaders, and the confraternity. In all, the two volumes suggest that the developments at Orsanmichele during the medieval period formed the basis for the Renaissance structure so well known today.
This book takes a long-run view of the global maritime trade of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia from 1700 to American Independence in 1776. Land argues that the three cities developed large, global networks of maritime commerce and exchange that created tension between merchants and the British Empire which sought to enforce mercantilist policies to constrain American trade to within the British Empire. Colonial merchants created and then expanded their mercantile networks well beyond the confines of the British Empire. This trans-imperial trade (often considered smuggling by British authorities) formed the roots of what became known as the American Revolution.
This is the first study to analyse the relationship between England and Sweden across the entire seventeenth century. It emphasises the importance of commerce and diplomacy working in tandem.
The book contains five chapters arranged chronologically, all based on original and innovative archival research, and traces the economic aspects of the relationship in both a qualitative and quantitative context. It draws upon a number of unique incidents to detail the variety and extent of commercial and diplomatic connections that became of primary importance for the welfare and success of both nations over the century.
During the early modern period, the brotherhoods of Misericórdia were established not only in the overseas territories ruled by the Portuguese, but also beyond their empire, reaching as far as the Philippines and Japan. The twelve chapters of this book examine this expansion by discussing different dimensions of the Misericórdias, such as administration, politics, charitable practices, finances, and forms of discrimination related to social status, gender, and race. Filling a critical gap in anglophone scholarship on the Portuguese Misericórdias, this work's previous absence has been criticized by scholars who believe the Misericórdias are crucial to understanding the past and present of Portuguese communities, both at home and abroad.

Contributors are: Inês Amorim, José Pedro Paiva, Lisbeth Rodrigues, Sara Pinto, Juan O. Mesquida, Rômulo Ehalt, Joana Balsa de Pinho, Andreia Durães, Maria Antónia Lopes, Luciana Gandelman, Isabel dos Guimarães Sá, and Renato Franco.
In the early twentieth century, the first large batch of Chinese civil engineers had graduated from the USA, and together with their American senior colleagues returned to China. They were enthusiastic about reconstructing the young republic by building new railways, highways, and canals, but what the engineers experienced in China, including mismanaged railways, useless highways, and silted canals, did not always meet their expectations and ideals. In this book, Thorben Pelzer makes the stories of these Chinese and American engineers come to life through exploring previously unpublished letters, rare images, maps, and a rich biographical dataset. He argues that the experiences of these engineers include a myriad of contradictions, disillusionment, and discontent, keeping the engineering profession in a constant flux of searching for its meaning and its place in Republican China.
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During the second half of the twentieth century the countries of East Asia saw one of the most remarkable transformations in human history, from overwhelmingly poor societies to global powerhouses of accumulation, proletarianisation and mega-urbanisation. This volume features Marxist scholars from East Asia and Europe who are pioneering a new approach to this transformation using the theory of state capitalism. The essays analyse the histories of countries on either side of the Cold War divide within the broader framework of twentieth century global capitalist expansion, while at the same time offering a sophisticated critique of Developmental State Theory.

Contributors are: Tobias ten Brink, Gareth Dale, Jeong Seongjin, Michael Haynes, Kim Ha-young, Kim Yong-uk, Lee Jeong-goo, and Owen Miller
This series features research monographs, edited volumes, and translated works that advance understanding of societies in East Asia or of their interaction or comparison with those in other parts of the world. It seeks to go beyond traditional paradigms and notions and presents possibilities for new discourses. The modern era is broadly defined in this series as the period roughly from the fifteenth century onwards. The series welcomes discipline-specific, interdisciplinary, and comparative studies in humanities and social sciences that investigate various aspects of culture and society in the region as well as studies of global historical processes with specific reference to the region.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Stephanie Carta and Masja Horn.

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This is a peer-reviewed book series that publishes monographs and edited volumes on international aspects of economic history and case studies of an exemplary nature for the international scholarly debate.

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