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The rapid marketization of rural labor, agricultural products, and land has dramatically reshaped village life and its structures of governance. This volume, edited by Alexander F. Day, collects twelve key essays translated from Chinese on this transformation of rural society and governance over the past 20 years.

These essays, originally published in the leading Chinese-language journal Open Times (开放时代), cover class differentiation, the atomization of rural society, the hollowing out of rural governance, land transfer, rural activism against marketization, lineage politics, the role of agricultural cooperatives, the transformation of small peasant farmers into wage labor, and the disintegration and expansion of peasant petitioning, all exploring the transformation in rural China during the post-socialist era.
The Asian Social Science Series was initiated by the editorial team of the Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science at the Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore. Published under the joint imprints of the Times Academic Press, Singapore and Brill, Leiden, the Series publishes original material and revised editions of special issues of the Asian Journal of Social Science. The Series welcomes submissions from sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, economists, geographers, historians and cultural studies specialists working on any aspect of Asia. Its inter-disciplinary orientation serves to encompass a broad range of theoretical and substantive interests.

Forthcoming titles in the Asian Social Science Series include the following:

Critical Perspectives on Cities in Southeast Asia
Reconceptualising Southeast Asia
Reconceptualising Ethnicity in Singapore and Malaysia
Science, Technology and Society in the Asia-Pacific Region
Cartooning and Comic Art in Southeast Asia
Diaspora of Identity: The Sociology of Culture in Southeast Asia.
The Karen in Thailand and Burma
Eurasians in Singapore
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The China Environmental Yearbooks have been restructured and renamed as Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment since 2012.

The China Environment Yearbook is the English version of the Chinese Green Book of Environment(环境绿皮书), a series of annual records written, commissioned, produced, and edited by Friends of Nature, China’s premier environmental non-governmental organization. The yearbook is pioneering in its approach to addressing urgent national and global environmental issues facing China. This series offers the unique perspective of research conducted by a China-based non-governmental organization and serves as a rare primary source in English for those interested in studying the development of civil society phenomena in China.
Chinese Research Perspectives (CRP) is the new generation of The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks. The CRP series includes four subseries, each of which is focused on one of the four research areas: Education, the Environment, Population and Labor, and Society. The CRP series includes English translations of contributions selected from the CASS Yearbooks. The Chinese-language CASS Yearbooks, published by Social Sciences Academic Press, are edited principally by leading researchers from CASS and other top research institutions and universities in China. The Yearbooks include up-to-date discussions and critical analyses of China’s top scholars on contemporary issues in their country. The selection of contributions for the English-language series and the translations of those volumes are supervised by international advisory boards. The CRP volumes provide English-speaking readers with rich information and discussions on the developments and challenges in Chinese society and serve as a rare primary source for students, scholars and policy makers who are interested in contemporary China.
This series aims to publish theoretically-informed, source-based scholarship on women and gender issues in China studies. Manuscript submissions may range in chronological coverage from earliest times to contemporary China. We will consider monograph studies, as well as edited volumes, from all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. We also encourage interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to complex themes and questions.
Political and Institutional Hazards in Case of Pakistan (1947-2020)
Energy Security has emerged as a critical issue in the field of International Relations. Focusing on the case of Pakistan this book attempts to establish the main actors, dynamics, and contributing elements in the exacerbating energy security situation of the country. The Author supports that clean energy generation sources are abundantly available yet remain unutilized in the Pakistani situation. How much can South Asian Geopolitics and Pakistan’s Partition be blamed for this Energy Security crisis? What political and institutional elements have profoundly deteriorated this situation? This volume highlights the challenges and opportunities regarding the country's Energy Security.
In: The Dilemma of Energy Security
In: The Dilemma of Energy Security
In: The Dilemma of Energy Security
In: The Dilemma of Energy Security