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Edited by Felicity Hand and Esther Pujolràs-Noguer

Writers of Indian origin seldom appear in the South African literary landscape, although the participation of Indian South Africans in the anti-apartheid struggle was anything but insignificant. The collective experiences of violence and the plea for reconciliation that punctuate the rhythms of post-apartheid South Africa delineate a national script in which ethnic, class, and gender affiliations coalesce and patterns of connectedness between diverse communities are forged. Relations and Networks in South African Indian Writing brings the experience of South African Indians to the fore, demonstrating how their search for identity is an integral part of the national scene’s project of connectedness. By exploring how ‘Indianness’ is articulated in the South African national script through the works of contemporary South African Indian writers, such as Aziz Hassim, Ahmed Essop, Farida Karodia, Achmat Dangor, Shamim Sarif, Ronnie Govender, Rubendra Govender, Neelan Govender, Tholsi Mudly, Ashwin Singh, and Imraan Coovadia, along with the prison memoirists Dr Goonam and Fatima Meer, the book offers a theoretical model of South–South subjectivities that is deeply rooted in the Indian Ocean world and its cosmopolitanisms. Relations and Networks demonstrates convincingly the permeability of identity that is the marker of the Indian Ocean space, a space defined by ‘relations and networks’ established within and beyond ethnic, class, and gender categories.

Isabel Alonso–Breto, M.J. Daymond, Felicity Hand, Salvador Faura, Farhad Khoyratty, Esther Pujolràs–Noguer, J. Coplen Rose, Modhumita Roy, Lindy Stiebel, Juan Miguel Zarandona

At the Crossroads of Nowhere and Everywhere

Home, Nation, and Space in Shamim Sarif’s The World Unseen


Esther Pujolràs-Noguer

Daku or Dukan?

Surviving within and without the Indian Community of Durban


Felicity Hand

‘Doing Time’

Temporal Disruptions in Dr. Goonam’s and Fatima Meer’s Prison Experiences


Farhad Khoyratty


Felicity Hand and Esther Pujolràs-Noguer

The Limits of Unity in Ashwin Singh’s To House

Food, South African Indian Ethnicity, and Drama from Durban


J. Coplen Rose

The Madman in the Garden

Or, Achmat Dangor’s Search for the Common Literary Origins of the Distinct Muslim Communities of South Africa in Kafka’s Curse (1997)


Salvador Faura

Planted Firmly in South African Soil

Literary Recollections of Indenture


Lindy Stiebel

The Reception of Ahmed Essop in Spain

Or, the Race Factor in the Comparative Literary Reception of Contemporary South African Writers in Spain


Juan Miguel Zarandona