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Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek

This book serves several purposes, all very much needed in today's embattled situation of the humanities and the study of literature. First, in Chapter One, the author proposes that the discipline of Comparative Literature is a most advantageous approach for the study of literature and culture as it is a priori a discipline of cross-disciplinarity and of international dimensions. After a Manifesto for a New Comparative Literature, he proceeds to offer several related theoretical frameworks as a composite method for the study of literature and culture he designates and explicates as the systemic and empirical approach. Following the introduction of the proposed New Comparative Literature, the author applies his method to a wide variety of literary and cultural areas of inquiry such as Literature and Cultural Participation where he discusses several aspects of reading and readership (Chapter Two), Comparative Literature as/and Interdisciplinarity (Chapter Three) where he deals with theory and application for film and literature and medicine and literature, Cultures, Peripheralities, and Comparative Literature (Chapter Four) where he proposes a theoretical designation he terms inbetween peripherality for the study of East Central European literatures and cultures as well as ethnic minority writing, Women's Literature and Men Writing about Women (Chapter Five) where he analyses texts written by women and texts about women written by men in the theoretical context of Ethical Constructivism, The Study of Translation and Comparative Literature (Chapter Six) where after a theoretical introduction he presents a new version of Anton Popovic's dictionary for literary translation as a taxonomy for the study of translation, and The Study of Literature and the Electronic Age (Chapter Seven), where he discusses the impact of new technologies on the study of literature and culture. The analyses in their various applications of the proposed New Comparative Literature involve modern and contemporary authors and their works such as Dorothy Richardson, Margit Kaffka, Mircea Cartarescu, Robert Musil, Alfred Döblin, Hermann Hesse, Péter Esterházy, Dezsö Kosztolányi, Michael Ondaatje, Endre Kukorelly, Else Seel, and others.

Edle Tropfen vom Helikon

Zur Anspielungsrezeption der antiken Mythologie in der deutschen höfischen Lyrik und Epik von 1180-1300


Manfred Kern

Die Untersuchung beschäftigt sich zum ersten Mal systematisch und umfassend mit den Anspielungen auf die antike Mythologie in der deutschen höfischen Literatur. Im einleitenden Kapitel werden mittelalterliche und höfische Antikerezeption diskutiert, der Begriff Anspielungsrezeption, Erkenntnisinteressen und Methoden definiert. Der erste Hauptteil widmet sich den Anspielungen in der Vergleichsrelation. Dabei zeigen sich typologisierende Strategien dominant. Im Mittelpunkt des zweiten Hauptteils stehen die mythologischen Geschichten, die die höfischen Texte als literarische Modellfälle zitieren. Ein dritter Hauptteil beschäftigt sich schließlich mit der höfischen Venus und ihrem Sohn Amor/Cupido, mit ihrer Rolle in lyrischer und epischer Minnehandlung und mit ihrer Funktion als allegorische Minnebilder. Im Zentrum steht die Analyse der spezifischen Strategien, die die höfische Literatur im Umgang mit der antiken Mythologie als einem traditionellen poetischen Medium entwickelt. Die mythologischen Anspielungen werden als prägnante Textsegmente begriffen, die sehr deutlich poetologische Prozesse widerspiegeln, Rezeptionsverhalten, Identifikationsmechanismen und Intertextualität thematisieren. Ebenso klar zeigen sie die Einbindung der deutschen höfischen Literatur in ein kommunizierendes System der europäischen Literaturen des Mittelalters. Die Studie ist somit für den Fachbereich der Mediävistik, der Klassischen Philologie und der Komparatistik von Interesse.
This study deals with explicit allusions to classical mythology in German courtly literature from 1180 to 1300 for the first time extensively and systematically. In the introduction the medieval and courtly reception of antiquity are discussed, the term mythological citation, interests of research and methods are defined. The first part is devoted to comparative allusions, particularly in relation to female beauty, with typological strategies dominating. The second part treats the exemplary mythological stories which are referred to by the courtly lyric and epic texts in order to base their themes of minne on a prominent poetic tradition. In the third part the focus is on courtly Venus and her son Amor/Cupid respectively, either as personifications or as pictured allegories of minne. This study tries to analyse the specific methods employed by courtly literature when dealing with classical mythology as a traditional poetic medium. The mythological citations are conceived as significant segments of text, which very clearly reflect poetological processes, interests of reception, ways of identification and intertextuality. They also demonstrate the position of courtly literature within medieval European literature as a whole. The major role played by classical motifs and topics in the development of courtly lyric and romance has long been known; it becomes equally apparent in a productive system of mythological allusions. The volume therefore is of interest for those who are concerned with studies in medieval literature, classical philology and comparative literature.


Edited by Norbert Bachleitner, Alfred Noe and Hans-Gert Roloff

Zahlreiche Fachkollegen und Schüler haben sich zusammengefunden, um in diesem Band Alberto Martino zu seinem 60. Geburtstag die Ehre zu erweisen. Mit diesem Geschenk soll der Forscher und Lehrer gewürdigt werden, dessen beständiges Interesse an den literarischen Wechselbeziehungen in Europa und an einer sozialgeschichtlich orientierten, auf Quellen-material fundierten Literaturgeschichte vielen als Anregung diente, ja sogar zum Vorbild wurde.

Conrad Intertexts & Appropriations

Essays in Memory of Yves Hervouet


Edited by Gene M. Moore, Owen Knowles and J.H. Stape


Jane Plastow

This study, the first book-length treatment of its subject, draws on a large base of elusive material and on extensive field research. It is the result of the author's wide experience of teaching and producing theatre in Africa, and of her fascination with the ways in which traditional performance forms have interacted with, or have resisted, non-indigenous modes of dramatic representation in the process of evolving into the vital theatres of the present day. A comparative historical study is offered of the three national cultures of Ethiopia, Tanganyika/Tanzania, and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Not only (scripted) drama is treated, but also theatre in the sense of the broader range of performance arts such as dance and song. The development of theatre and drama is seen against the background of centuries of cultural evolution and interaction, from pre-colonial times, through phases of African and European imperialism, to the liberation struggles and newly-won independence of the present. The seminal relationship between theatre, society and politics is thus a central focus. Topics covered include: the function in theatre of vernacular and colonial languages; performance forms under feudal, communalist and socialist régimes; cultural militancy and political critique; the relationship of theatre to social élites and to the peasant class; state control (funding and censorship); racism and separate development in the performing arts; contemporary performance structures (amateur, professional, community and university theatre). Due attention is paid to prominent dramatists, theatre groups and theatre directors, and the author offers new insight into African perceptions of the role of the artist in the theatre, as well as dealing with the important subject of gender roles (in drama, in performance ritual, and in theatre practice). The book is illustrated with contemporary photographs.

Conrad and Gide

Translation and Intertextuality


Russell West-Pavlov

This study examines the relations between the work of the Polish-English novelist Joseph Conrad and the French Nobel Prize winner André Gide. Gide's translation of Conrad's Typhoon is read as a work belonging paradoxically to the oeuvres of both writers, where their respective preoccupations meet with illuminating results.
Focusing also on other major works by Conrad and Gide, the study suggests that the intertextual and personal interaction between these two masters of 20th Century fiction was governed by processes of identification and projection, conflict between master and disciple and a consequent resistant reading of texts, and confrontation with linguistic and cultural heterogeneity.
Issues of translation theory, psychoanalysis and intertextuality are brought together to offer a glimpse of a possible dialogue between literature and ethics.
This study will be of interest to students and researchers in English, French and Comparative Literature.

The Romantic Imagination

Literature and Art in England and Germany


Edited by Frederick Burwick and Jürgen Klein

España y Holanda

Ponencias leídas durante el Quinto Coloquio Hispanoholandés de historiadores


Edited by Jan Lechner and Harm den Boer


Alfred Noe

Die hier unternommene Rekonstruktion der ab 1656 in der Wiener Hofbibliothek aufgegangenen Fuggerbibliothek dient der Dokumentation einer ungewöhnlich aus-geprägten Rezeption romanischer Literaturen in Süddeutschland. Die hauptsächlich von Philipp Eduard Fugger zusammengetragene Büchersammlung stellt ein außergewöhnliches Zeugnis für eine bisher ungeahnte Tiefe des Interesses besonders an italienischer Literatur dar. Die komplette bibliographische Liste der rekonstruierten Titel, ein Register der Bearbeiter und Übersetzer dieser Werke, sowie ein Register der Druckorte und Drucker erlauben erstmals einen umfassenden Einblick in Aufbau und Herkunft dieser Bibliothek.


Übersetzen als Kulturvermittlung: Deutschland und die Niederlande


Edited by Jattie Enklaar and Hans Ester