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Diaspora and Multiculturalism

Common Traditions and New Developments


Edited by Monika Fludernik

In postcolonial theory we have now reached a new stage in the succession of key concepts. After the celebrations of hybridity in the work of Homi Bhabha and Gayatri Spivak, it is now the concept of diaspora that has sparked animated debates among postcolonial critics. This collection intervenes in the current discussion about the 'new' diaspora by placing the rise of diaspora within the politics of multiculturalism and its supercession by a politics of difference and cultural-rights theory. The essays present recent developments in Jewish negotiations of diasporic tradition and experience, discussing the reinterpretation of concepts of the 'old' diaspora in late twentieth- century British and American Jewish literature. The second part of the volume comprises theoretical and critical essays on the South Asian diaspora and on multicultural settings between Australia, Africa, the Caribbean and North America. The South Asian and Caribbean diasporas are compared to the Jewish prototype and contrasted with the Turkish diaspora in Germany. All essays deal with literary reflections on, and thematizations of, the diasporic predicament.


Zur produktiven Auseinandersetzung mit der schöpferischen Persönlichkeit


Edited by Hans Ester, Guillaume van Gemert and Christiaan Janssen

Bereits in der Antike entwickelte sich eine Metakunst, die die Kunst und das Künstlertum selber zum Objekt von Kunstäusserungen machte. In der Zeit der Postmoderne ist die Thematisierung realer Kunst und realer Künstlergestalten in der Kunst nicht mehr wegzudenken. Künstler-Bilder vereint zehn Aufsätze, die sich mit literarischen Werken befassen, in denen der Autor sich historischen Künstlergestalten zuwendet, um sich so in ihnen zu spiegeln. Objekt der Darstellung sind Musiker, bildende Künstler und, vor allem, Dichter. Zeitlich reicht das Spektrum von Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz’ Umgang mit Goethe als verehrtem Vorbild im 18. bis zu Hanns-Josef Ortheils eigenwilliger Sicht aus dem späten 20. Jahrhunderts auf die römischen Abenteuer Goethes. Ihm treten Mörike und Mozart, Stefan Zweig und Balzac, Hodler und Pedretti, Bernhard und Freumbichler, Härtling und Hölderlin, Kühn und Schumann sowie Grass und Fontane, um nur einige zu nennen, an die Seite.
Nur selten ist die historische Künstlergestalt Gegenstand der Verehrung oder der Idealisierung. Vereinnahmung, Vergegenwärtigung, Problematisierung oder gar Ironisierung waren und sind in der Auseinandersetzung mit ihr nicht weniger ergiebig. Die Vielfalt der Möglichkeiten im produktiven Umgang mit historischem Schöpfertum will der vorliegende Band aufscheinen lassen.


Edited by Peng-hsiang Chen and Whitney Crothers Dilley

The present volume of Critical Studies is a collection of selected essays on the topic of feminism and femininity in Chinese literature. Although feminism has been a hot topic in Chinese literary circles in recent years, this remarkable collection represents one of the first of its kind to be published in English. The essays have been written by well-known scholars and feminists including Kang-I Sun Chang of Yale University, and Li Ziyun, a writer and feminist in Shanghai, China. The essays are inter- and multi-disciplinary, covering several historical periods in poetry and fiction (from the Ming-Qing periods to the twentieth century). In particular, the development of women’s writing in the New Period (post-1976) is examined in depth. The articles thus offer the reader a composite and broad perspective of feminism and the treatment of the female in Chinese literature. As this remarkable new collection attests, the voices of women in China have begun calling out loudly, in ways that challenge prevalent views about the Chinese female persona.

The Flight of the Vernacular

Seamus Heaney, Derek Walcott and the Impress of Dante


Maria Cristina Fumagalli

In this book, Dante, Seamus Heaney and Derek Walcott engage in an eloquent and meaningful conversation. Dante’s capacity for being faithful to the collective historical experience and true to the recognitions of the emerging self, the permanent immediacy of his poetry, the healthy state of his language, which is so close to the object that the two are identified, and his adamant refusal to get lost in the wide and open sea of abstraction – all these are shown to have affected, and to continue to affect, Heaney’s and Walcott’s work. The Flight of the Vernacular, however, is not only a record of what Dante means to the two contemporary poets but also a cogent study of Heaney’s and Walcott’s attitude towards language and of their views on the function of poetry in our time. Heaney’s programmatic endeavour to be “adept at dialect” and Walcott’s idiosyncratic redefinition of the vernacular in poetry as tone rather than as dialect – apart from having Dantean overtones – are presented as being associated with the belief that poetry is a social reality and that language is a living alphabet bound to the “opened ground” of the world.

European Avant-Garde

New Perspectives


Edited by Dietrich Scheunemann

This collection of critical essays is designed to lay the foundations for a new theory of the European avant-garde. It starts from the assumption that not one all-embracing intention of all avant-garde movements - i.e. the intention of “reintegrating art into the practice of life” (Peter Bürger) - but the challenge of new cultural technologies, in particular photography and cinema, constitutes the main driving force of the formation and further development of the avant-garde. This approach permits to establish a theoretical framework that takes into account the diversity of artistic aims and directions of the various art movements and encourages a wide and open exploration of the multifaceted and often contradictory nature of the great variety of avant-gardist innovations.
Following the theoretical foundation of the new approach, individual contributions concentrate on a diverse range of avant-gardist concepts, trends and manifestations from cubist painting and the literary work of Apollinaire and Gertrude Stein to the screeching voices of futurism, dadaist photomontage and film, surrealist photographs and sculptures and neo-avant-gardist theories as developed by the French group OuLiPo. The volume closes with new insights gained from placing the avant-garde in the contexts of literary institutions and psychoanalytical and sociological concepts.
The main body of the volume is based on presentations and discussions of a three-day research seminar held at Yale University, New Haven, in February 2000. The research group formed on this occasion will continue with its efforts to elaborate a new theory of the avant-garde in the coming years.

Text and Visuality

Word & Image Interactions III


Edited by Martin Heusser, Michèle Hannoosh, Charlotte Schoell-Glass and David Scott


Jane Plastow

This study, the first book-length treatment of its subject, draws on a large base of elusive material and on extensive field research. It is the result of the author's wide experience of teaching and producing theatre in Africa, and of her fascination with the ways in which traditional performance forms have interacted with, or have resisted, non-indigenous modes of dramatic representation in the process of evolving into the vital theatres of the present day. A comparative historical study is offered of the three national cultures of Ethiopia, Tanganyika/Tanzania, and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Not only (scripted) drama is treated, but also theatre in the sense of the broader range of performance arts such as dance and song. The development of theatre and drama is seen against the background of centuries of cultural evolution and interaction, from pre-colonial times, through phases of African and European imperialism, to the liberation struggles and newly-won independence of the present. The seminal relationship between theatre, society and politics is thus a central focus. Topics covered include: the function in theatre of vernacular and colonial languages; performance forms under feudal, communalist and socialist régimes; cultural militancy and political critique; the relationship of theatre to social élites and to the peasant class; state control (funding and censorship); racism and separate development in the performing arts; contemporary performance structures (amateur, professional, community and university theatre). Due attention is paid to prominent dramatists, theatre groups and theatre directors, and the author offers new insight into African perceptions of the role of the artist in the theatre, as well as dealing with the important subject of gender roles (in drama, in performance ritual, and in theatre practice). The book is illustrated with contemporary photographs.

The Romantic Imagination

Literature and Art in England and Germany


Edited by Frederick Burwick and Jürgen Klein


Übersetzen als Kulturvermittlung: Deutschland und die Niederlande


Edited by Jattie Enklaar and Hans Ester

Something Understood

Studies in Anglo-Dutch Literary Translation


Edited by Bart Westerweel and Theo D'haen