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Aspects in Contexts

Studies in the History of Psychology of Religion


Edited by Jacob A. Belzen

Psychology of religion has been enjoying considerable attention of late; the number of publications and people involved in the field is rapidly increasing. It is, however, one of the oldest branches within psychology in general, and one of the few in which an interdisciplinary approach has been kept alive and fostered. The fate of the field has been quite varied in the countries where psychology of religion has been initiated and developed during the 20th century. In this volume, some aspects of this international history are examined. Coming from six different Western countries, each of the contributors has a record in the historiography of psychology and profound knowledge of psychology of religion. Their approaches combine elements from the history of mentalities, the social history of science and biographical studies.
The volume contains in-depth treatments of such topics as the growth of the field as reflected in university politics, developments within international organizations, and the personal involvement of contributors to the field. A wealth of information is provided on the background of the work of well known psychologists of religion like James Henry Leuba, Oskar Pfister, Gordon Allport, Werner Gruehn, Antoine Vergote and others.

Belief and Unbelief

Psychological perspectives


Edited by Jozef Corveleyn and Dirk Hutsebaut

Current Issues in the Psychology of Religion

Proceedings of the third symposium on the psychology of religion in Europe

Edited by Jacob A. Belzen and J.M. van der Lans

Current Studies on Rituals

Perspectives for the psychology of religion


Edited by Hans-günter Heimbrock and H. Barbara Boudewijnse


Stephen W. Krauss and Ralph W. Hood

Dimensions of Mystical Experiences

Empirical Studies and Psychological Links


Ralph W. Hood Jr.


Stephen W. Krauss and Ralph W. Hood