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A Critical Journal
HerausgeberIn: Savaş Arslan
MitherausgeberInnen: Ana Grgić, Olivia Khoo, und Jeremi Szaniawski
Studies in World Cinema: A Critical Journal offers a platform to examine, rethink and reinvent the notion of “world cinema”. What do we understand by “world cinema”, and how useful or enabling is this term? Taking the world as a space of signification in which we continually reproduce its meanings, this journal opens up inquiries about films and cinematic practices that engender novel senses of the world.
The journal welcomes research on traveling cinematic tropes, transnational practices, remakes and adaptations, translation cultures, migrant and diasporic films and film cultures, postcolonial and accented cinemas, collaborations and exchanges among filmmakers, co-productions and multinational filmmaking practices and networks, early cinematic practices, and other time-based media and screen productions such as television series, web series, and video installations. Together we aim to develop a fruitful and more enriching understanding of our world cinema.

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