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In: John Lydgate, The Dance of Death, and its model, the French Danse Macabre
Author: Dirk Imhof


As of 1620 Balthasar Moretus I envisioned a new edition of the famous polyglot Bible that his grandfather Christopher Plantin had printed in Antwerp in the years 1568-1572. While he searched for the necessary type, he had the Jesuit Petrus Lansselius stay in Antwerp for several years to prepare a revised text and commentaries. After seven years of preparation it became clear that he would never be able to complete his project. The appearance of the first volume of the Parisian Polyglot in 1628 made it clear that he was too late and that he had to abandon the entire project. With this article I will demonstrate the importance of having strong support for prestigious editions. Even if a publisher had gathered enough financial means and all the type and paper that were necessary for printing his desired publication, without external backing it was extremely difficult to realize his dream.

In: Quaerendo
In: Early Modern French Autobiography