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Jean-Jacques Glassner

Edited by Benjamin Foster

This English translation of Glassner’s Chroniques Mésopotamiennes (Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 1993) collects all chronicle literature of ancient Mesopotamia from the early second millenium to Seleucid times. The volume, which incorporates revisions and additions by the author and a transcription of the cuneiform, includes every example of Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian historiographic literature, and magisterial essays on the genre and on Mesopotamian historiography in general.
Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature (

The Graffiti of Pharaonic Egypt

Scope and Roles of Informal Writings (c. 3100-332 B.C.)


Alexander J. Peden

Graffiti, being a form of written communication invariably free of social restraints, are a far more accurate reflection of the character of the Egyptian era of the pharaohs than the far more polished artistic or literary works. This book is the first overall attempt to offer insight into more than 2800 years of Egyptian and Nubian hieroglyphic and hieratic graffiti. Graffiti have long been neglected when compared to larger and more formal texts and inscriptions, and it is only in recent years that many important graffiti texts written in these scripts have been published and made available to wider scrutiny. For this work, extensive use has also been made of materials as yet unpublished. All this taken together makes Dr. Alex Peden’s work a valuable guide to “normal” life and society in Ancient Egypt.

The Laws of the Hittites

A Critical Edition


Harry A. Hoffner Jr.

The first critical edition of the Hittite laws since 1959, containing much new textual material. Presents manuscripts in the "score" format, distinguishing Old Hittite from later copies, and based upon a fresh collation of the original tablets. The commentary examines the linguistic, jurisprudential and cultural aspects of the laws against the background of the entire Hittite textual corpus, archaeological data, and other Ancient Near Eastern law corpora. In addition the volume contains a concordance of the manuscripts, an analysis of the palaeographic and linguistic criteria used in dating the manuscripts, a glossary of words occurring in the laws, identifying both law number and manuscript where each occurrence is found, indexes of Hittite, Sumerian and Akkadian words, of ancient texts cited, and of topics mentioned. Photographic plates of Old Hittite copies are also included.

Mesopotamian Poetic Language: Sumerian and Akkadian

Proceedings of the Groningen Group for the Study of Mesopotamian Literature, Volume 2


Edited by Fernand de Varennes and Vogelzang

This collection of articles is the result of the second meeting of the Mesopotamian Literature Group (Groningen), held in Groningen from 12 till 14 July 1993. The topics treated by these scholars from six countries range from theoretical issues to specific analyses, from broad structures to linguistic textures, including metaphorical language as well as phonic features; also, various poetical techniques and strategies are studied. The interest is more in the questions that are raised than in the answers given, and the matter of legitimization of our theoretical bases runs throughout most contributions, this being the aim of the Group.