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The Karaite Tradition of Arabic Bible Translation

A Linguistic and Exegetical Study of Karaite Translations of the Pentateuch from the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries C.E.


Meira Polliack

This volume deals with the medieval Karaite practice and concept of Arabic Bible translation. It is based on a linguistic analysis of Karaite versions of the Pentateuch written in Palestine during the 10th and 11th centuries C.E.
Trends and tendencies in the Karaite translations are discussed in the light of individual Karaite statements on the art and purpose of Bible translation, and in comparison with Saadiah Gaon's translation methodology, in an attempt to reconstruct the possible origins and historical background of the Karaite translation tradition.
The exegetical study is especially relevant to the Bible scholar and medieval philosopher, while the linguistic study will also interest the comparative Semitist, translation theorist and all those concerned with Judaeo-Arabic language and literature.

The Gnostic Imagination

Gnosticism, Mandaeism and Merkabah Mysticism



The Gnostic Imagination is the first comprehensive study of the relationship between Gnosticism and Merkabah mysticism. It includes an exhaustive analysis of Gershom Scholem's views on the subject, an analytical survey of other secondary literature, and a focused examination of primary sources.
The work explores a wide range of topics including myth, exegesis, ascent traditions, and cosmology. Although the main focus is on western Gnostic traditions and Merkabah mysticism, the book also includes relevant material from Mandaeism and from later stages of Jewish mysticism such as German Pietism and Kabbalah.
Not only is this volume the first to survey and evaluate the history of scholarship on this complex subject, but it also creates new pathways for future studies by illuminating the crucial methodological and topical issues in the field.

Jerusalem under Siege

The Collapse of the Jewish State, 66-70 C.E.



An internal history of the four tragic years of the Jewish rebellion, which began with militant optimism in the year 66 and ended with the destruction of the Temple and city of Jerusalem four years later. The main theme is internal collapse: from the decades before the war, when deepening factionalism throughout Jewish Society contributed to the ultimate outbreak of revolution, to the Temple meeting of 66, when an alliance among competing factions was insecurely riveted together and an "army" with conflicting enthusiasms was formed, from the toppling of the first regime in 67/8, to the disintegration of the second regime from 68 to 70, and from the siege, during which the famine fell on different segments of the population with sadly unequal weight, to desertion, the patterns of which provide a negative image of the constantly shifting political fortunes of revolutionary partners. Classical, rabbinic, archaeological and numismatic evidence are brought to bear on a new interpretation of Josephus' Bellum Judaicum.


Edited by Ilana Zinguer

The intense interest in the Hebrew language during the Renaissance was based on more than linguistic consideration alone, but was part of a much larger religious and cultural framework. This volume is a collection of articles by European scholars on this subject, mostly French, in an attempt to look at many of the diverse aspects of Hebrew during the early modern period.

Twenty Chapters

'Ishrūn Maqāla. Edited, Translated and Annotated by S. Stroumsa


Dawud ibn Marwan. al-Muqammis

Occident and Orient

A Tribute to the Memory of Alexander Scheiber.

Edited by Dán