Edited by C.A. DeCoursey and Dean A.F. Gui

In a world where work is becoming more distributed and virtual, and learning and gaming communities have become more complex, teachers, instructional designers and educational researchers from across the globe are examining virtual environments as discursive environments. The authors of this volume respond to these paradigm shifts, engineering new meanings in the workplace, higher education, organisations, psychology, hegemonies, and video games; where learners critically self-reflect and experience the world in transformative ways. Overall, this volume explores innovative design frameworks and learning activities, allowing readers to consider experiential learning through quantitative, inductive, qualitative and instructional analysis and methodology.

Edited by Taina Brown and Alejandro Mieses Castellanos

Shaping visual literacy has been at the forefront of contemporary discourse, as images have increasingly surpassed words in becoming the primary vehicles to persuade our emotions. Visually encoded domains of symbols and signs inform the educational, public and entertainment industries increasingly as an undifferentiated whole, aided by globalizing media forces in various forms. Whether top-down, peer-peer, one-to-may, or many-to-many, this volume attempts to derive sets of rules used to visually decode patterns present in certain media formats – press, cinema, television and maps, among others – and the place of the spectator in their respective dynamics. The topics discussed transition through various approaches to deconstruct mass media influences to engage critical thinking skills, and ending with a collection of chapters dedicated to exploring their effects upon children, and the capacity to be implemented to foster collaboration-based creative learning environments.

Elena Xeni

Ways to understand creativity better, as well as investigate, enhance, introduce and implement creativity more effectively, are some of the issues tackled in this collection of papers. This is an essential, inspiring and uplifting book, which covers trends, methods and practices that are evolving within the field of creativity and creativity in education.

Edited by Christina DeCoursey and Shana Garrett

Edited by Carrie B. Fitzgerald and Laura M. Gerace