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Studies on the Christian Interpretation of pre-Christian Cults and Beliefs in the Middle Ages
In this volume, Stanisław Rosik focuses on the meaning and significance of Old Slavic religion as presented in three German chronicles (the works of Thietmar of Merseburg, Adam of Bremen, Helmold of Bosau) written during the time of the Christianization of the Western Slavs. The source analyses show the ways the chroniclers understood, explained and represented pre-Christian beliefs and cults, which were interpreted as elements of a foreign, “barbarian”, culture and were evaluated from the perspective of Church doctrine. In this study, individual features of the three authors are discussed– including the issue of the credibility of their information on Old Slavic religion– and broader conclusions on medieval thought are also presented.
In: The Slavic Religion in the Light of 11th- and 12th-Century German Chronicles (Thietmar of Merseburg, Adam of Bremen, Helmold of Bosau)
In: The Slavic Religion in the Light of 11th- and 12th-Century German Chronicles (Thietmar of Merseburg, Adam of Bremen, Helmold of Bosau)
One of the leading historians of medieval universities in the last generation, Gaines Post published less than a quarter of his 1931 dissertation on the role of the papacy in the rise of universities. The entire work merits publication, both because of the remaining content and because it reveals more on how Gaines Post, a product of Charles Homer Haskins' seminar at Harvard in the late 1920s, approached his subject. The volume covers the interaction of the papacy with multiple universities from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and opens up a much broader range of topics, considering papal intervention and influence in the areas of licensing to teach, financial support for masters and students, dispensations for study, regulation of housing rents, and the founding of colleges.
Essays in Late Medieval and Early Modern Bohemian History in Modern Czech Scholarship
This book presents a collection of twelve seminal essays by Czech historians on the history of the Czech lands from the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries, which originally appeared in Czech publications as articles and book chapters and are translated here for the first time in English. The essays address a broad range of topics, including politics, religion, demography, everyday life, crime, and rural and urban society. By bringing to English-speaking readers the rich history and historical writing of the Czech lands through the lens of Czech historians, the book seeks to expand knowledge about the place of these lands in late medieval and early modern Europe, and the rich mosaic and shared history of the peoples and cultures of Europe.
In: Between Lipany and White Mountain