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Exegese und Lebensform

Die Proömien der antiken griechischen Bibelkommentare


Matthias Skeb

The study examines the prefaces of the Greek biblical commentaries in Late Antiquity. It analyzes their formal position in the traditions of commenting and the theological interests of the Christian commentators. Special attention is paid both to re-examining the widespread opinion that these prefaces are dependent on the 'schemata isagogica' of the pagan schools of philosophy, and to the presentation of the theological identity of biblical commentators.
The three main chapters analyze the traditions of non-Christian proems, the commentaries of Origen and those of the exponents of Alexandrian and Antiochene exegesis.
The book provides interesting new insights into the formal aspects, motivation, relevance and hermeneutics of the commentaries as well as into the cultural transfer on which they are based.
Gregory of Nyssa Online gives you access to both the Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online and the Lexicon Gregorianum Online. Together, these two resources provide the ultimate online critical text edition of Gregory of Nyssa's works based on all available known manuscripts. Gregory of Nyssa Online is introduced with a complete discussion of the textual transmission and accompanied by indices, extensive annotations on biblical, classical and patristic sources, and the most comprehensive Greek–German dictionary ever produced of the language used by Gregory of Nyssa (the Lexicon Gregorianum). Each online resource is also available as individual product. Learn more about Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online and Lexicon Gregorianum Online.

Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online:
• Greek corpus of texts of Gregory of Nyssa, an online "primary source"
• Complete and unabridged: conversion of 60 texts originating from 17 hardback GNO volumes (later 18 volumes) totaling over 3000 pages
• Text 15 (III 3), De Anima et Resurrectione added in 2013, and text 20 (IV 2) De hominis opificio in the next years
• Greek texts, prefaces, Conspectus Codicum, Conspectus Siglorum, Prefaces, Texts, including critical apparatus, Appendices and Indices

Lexicon Gregorianum Online
• 10 hardback volumes totaling more than 13,000 entries, >6500 pages
• Translation Greek–German
• Complete vocabulary of Gregory of Nyssa, exemplary for 4th-century Greek in general
• The only dictionary available specifically addressing the vocabulary of late Classical Greek
• Includes Volume 10, Proper Names Dictionary Greek–German–English
• Technologically advanced, indispensable research tool for all philological, philosophical and theological research on Gregory of Nyssa, the Greek Church Fathers, Church history and Late Antique thought