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Plotinus’ Ennead III.7 is a treatise concerning the journey of the human soul first descending into time and then reclaiming its original identity in eternity. The treatise also conceives eternity as the key which grants access to the forms, and time as the portal through which the soul enters the physical universe. Plotinus supports his analysis by drawing upon a rich philosophical tradition including the thought of Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics, Epicureans, Peripatetics and Pythagoreans. This book contains an extensive introduction, alongside the Oxford Classical Text of III.7, a translation, and a line-by-line commentary to guide the reader through the text.
Volume Editor:
Heracles in Early Greek Epic examines the protean nature of the greatest Greek hero, Heracles in Homeric and Hesiodic poetry, as well as in fragmentary epics such as Creophylus’ Oichalias Halosis, Pisander’s Heracleia, and Panyassis’ Heracleia. Several contributors explore Heracles’ associations with heroes in Near-Eastern literature and reflections in early epic about his involvement in the first sack of Troy, the tale of Hesione and the ketos, the war against the Meropes on Cos, and the sack of Oechalia. Other contributors study his role in other Archaic and Classical epics such as those written by Creophylus, Pisander, and Panyassis.