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Discretionary implementation and street-level bureaucracy
How much discretion do bureaucrats have when deciding who gets refugee status? Where does the boundary between law and practice lie when it comes to asylum in the European Union? In this book, you will find answers to these questions in an exploration of the decision-making context in which policy implementors conduct their work and turn policies into practice. Drawing from the insights of street-level bureaucracy and role-conflict theory, a better understanding is given of how decisions are made by policy implementers in situations of incomplete information or ambiguous policy vision and guidance.
This book explores the independence of international civil servants across various intergovernmental institutions. With rich historical insights and in-depth analysis, Tavadian uncovers the complex evolution of this independence, from its early days to contemporary challenges and practices. Drawing on his vast experience and meticulous research, he critically assesses the essential role of international civil service independence in ensuring effective international cooperation and proposes concrete solutions for strengthening it. An indispensable resource for scholars, policymakers, and legal practitioners, it sheds light on the nuanced dynamics that underpin the operation and integrity of international organizations.
This book aims to provide readers with an overview of the rules of evidence within the International Criminal Court (ICC) and offers guidance for both prosecution and defense counsel. It emphasizes the pivotal role of defense counsel in shaping case law, particularly concerning the admissibility of documentary and forensic evidence, in a system still evolving. Drawing from academic research and practical experience, the book provides practical inside-information for defense counsel on evidence.
State Practice and Opinio Juris 2000-2022
Many ask if R2P is legally binding or not. By following the development of R2P from 2000-2022 and governments interactions with it throughout those years internationally, regionally and nationally, a perspective is given regarding its development as a norm within international law. The state practice and opinio juris of countries from different regions, representing varying perspectives, and the application of R2P throughout those years, provide the reader with insights on where R2P stands after more than 20 years of being part of the international fora.
Sociology of Crisis Experience in Central and Eastern Europe
Volume Editors: and
The book casts a spotlight on Central and Eastern European societies, making their experiences visible and meaningful within the postcolonial discourse. The modernization theory overlooks important aspects of postsocialist transformation. Consequently, sociological knowledge has drifted apart from the social production of knowledge, and sociology has become alarmingly irrelevant to the people it studies. Therefore, the book departs from preconceived notions of “normal” and “modern” to foreground the importance of actual social experience. After all, Central and Eastern Europe is a valuable yet underestimated social laboratory. Thus, the contributors experiment with new theoretical and methodological approaches to bridge the gap between social research and real people.
The Yearbook of International Organizations provides the most extensive coverage of non-profit international organizations currently available. Detailed profiles of international non-governmental (NGO) and intergovernmental organizations (IGO), collected and documented by the Union of International Associations, can be found here. In addition to the history, aims and activities of international organizations, with their events, publications, and contact details, the volumes of the Yearbook include networks between associations, biographies of key people involved and extensive statistical data.

Volume 1 (A and B) of the Yearbook of International Organizations covers international organizations throughout the world, comprising their aims, activities and events. This includes names (in English, French and, where available, other languages), abbreviations and descriptions of over 34,000 not-for-profit organizations currently active in every field of human endeavor, as well as references to associated organizations, whose goals cross all economic, political and geographical borders, offering an insight into new, productive relationships.

Volume 1 also allows quick and easy cross-referencing from volumes 2, 3, 4, and 6.
The Debate on Imputation in the English Antinomian Controversy (1690–1700) in Its International and Interconfessional Context
According to the apostle Paul, Christ was made sin. What does this mean: can sin be transferred? Was Christ punished? At the end of the 17th century, in the so-called Third Antinomian Controversy English and Dutch Reformed theologians discussed the concept of imputation in its interrelationship with forgiveness, punishment, and justice. This study helps you to understand their complex and fascinating theological and philosophical reflections. Because the same themes had already extensively been discussed during the century before against Socinianism, the antinomian controversy is placed in an interconfessional and international context, highlighting the significance of Socinians and Hugo Grotius.