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Chinatowns around the World

Gilded Ghetto, Ethnopolis, and Cultural Diaspora

Edited by Bernard P. Wong and Chee-Beng Tan

The phenomenon of “Chinatown” has been of great interest to the general public as well as scholars. Movies and story books have made Chinatown to be exotic, mysterious, gangster filled, and sometimes, a gilded ghetto, an ethnopolis, a cultural diaspora as well as a model community. The authors of Chinatowns around the World seek to expose the social reality of Chinatowns with empirical data. The authors also examine the changing nature and functions of Chinatowns around the world while scrutinizing how factors emanating from larger societies and other external factors have shaped Chinatown development and transformation. The activities of the recent Chinese transnational migrants are also critically appraised.

Rural China

An International Journal of History and Social Science 中国乡村研究

Edited by Philip Huang

Vol. 10 No. 1 is available free online, please click here.
Rural China is the sister journal of Modern China.
Rural China, now in its tenth year of publication, is a multidisciplinary journal that focuses on the past and present of China’s 900 million (registered) peasants (including peasant migrant workers in the towns and cities), their families and communities, and their interactions with the urban world. It publishes the best mainland Chinese and international scholarship from the disciplines of history, anthropology and sociology, and economics, political science and law, as well as other allied disciplines such as demography and geography, art and literature, public health, and comparative studies. As the first truly bilingual journal in Chinese studies, it will henceforth include both Chinese and English scholarly articles based on new research and/or new interpretations of old research. The journal has an international editorial board of distinguished scholars who help referee articles. Its targeted audience is the global community of China studies both within and outside China. It should be of interest to both scholars and advanced students, specialists and informed readers, as well as policy makers.
《中国乡村研究》是一本多学科期刊,2013年该刊创刊10周年。该刊侧重于研究中国9亿注册农民(包括在城镇工作的农民工)的过去和今天,农民的家庭和社区及其与城市的相互作用. 该刊出版中国大陆以及国际顶尖学者的研究成果,涉及历史学、人类学和社会学、经济学、政治学和法律,以及其它相关学科,如人口和地理、艺术和文学、公共卫生和比较研究。作为关于中国研究的第一本双语杂志,它将收录中、英文学术文章,包括新的研究以及/或对过去研究的新诠释。该刊编委会由国际著名学者构成,对文章进行严格评审。该刊针对全球中国研究的学术群体,包括学者、研究生、专家,以及政策制定者。
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