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Author: Iva Parlov
Examining How We Manage the Ocean Commons
Author: Tirza Meyer
In the late twentieth century, as the United Nations struggled to come up with a new legal system for the oceans, one woman saw the opportunity to promote radical new ideas of justice and internationalism. Ocean governance expert Elisabeth Mann Borgese (1918–2002) spent decades working with the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention. Throughout this sprawling series of global conferences, she navigated allegiances and enmities, intrigues and setbacks, fighting determinedly to develop a just ocean order.

Featuring extensive research and new interviews with Mann Borgese’s colleagues and family, this book explores timeless questions of justice and international collaboration and asks whether the extraordinary drive and vision of a single person can influence the course of international law.
This volume contains the texts of written pleadings, minutes of public sittings and other documents from the proceedings in The M/T “San Padre Pio” Case (Switzerland v. Nigeria), Provisional Measures. The documents are reproduced in their original language.
The Tribunal delivered its Order on 6 July 2019. It is published in the ITLOS Reports 2018-2019.

Le présent volume reproduit les mémoires, les procès-verbaux des audiences publiques et d’autres documents relatifs à la procédure concernant l’Affaire du navire « San Padre Pio » (Suisse c. Nigéria), mesures conservatoires. Les documents sont publiés dans la langue originale.
Le Tribunal a rendu son ordonnance le 6 juillet 2019. L’arrêt est publié dans le TIDM Recueil 2018-2019.
The legal regime of marine areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) has received much attention in the last decades. The ongoing process in regards of an agreement on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in ABNJ, initiated in the early 2000s (BBNJ process) is crucial evidence of this. However, this process reflects entrenched interests and political and legal structures, muting other voices and alternative approaches. International Law and Marine Areas beyond National Jurisdiction investigates competing constructions of ABNJ and their role in the creation and articulations of legal principles, which provides a broader perspective on the BBNJ process.
Author: Yurika Ishii
Japan, the geopolitical lynchpin in the East Asian region, has developed a unique maritime security policy and interpretation of the law of the sea. Japanese Maritime Security and the Law of the Sea is the first title to provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis on these themes in English, examines Japan’s domestic laws and its approach to international law. The topics covered include Japan’s claim over its maritime entitlement, policies on the use of force at sea, and the mandates of the Self-Defense Force and the Japan Coast Guard to use coercive measures in maritime zones and airspace, both in peacetime and in times of emergency.
Legal Solutions to Coexistence and Cooperation in Disputed Areas
Author: Xuechan Ma
In The Spratly Islands and International Law, Xuechan Ma offers a detailed analysis of legal solutions to achieve coexistence and cooperation in the Spratly Islands in the absence of maritime delimitation. This book challenges the classical territoriality model of jurisdiction in international law, which is ineffective in the Spratly Islands context where complex and contentious situations call for different solutions. Based on the substance-procedure duality of international law, Ma draws on extensive sources of international law including cases, treaties, practice and doctrine, and formulates novel, concrete proposals to indicate the way forward for the Spratly Islands.