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An international team of twenty scholars under Edmondo F. Lupieri’s direction produced Mary Magdalene from the New Testament to the New Age and Beyond. While the historical figure of the Magdalene may be lost forever, the construction of her literary images and their transformations and adaptations over the centuries are a lively testimony to human creativity and faith. Different pictures of Mary travelled through time and space, from history to legend and mythology, crossed religious boundaries, going beyond the various Christianities, to become a “sign of contradiction” for many. This book describes a special case of biblical reception history, that of the New Testament figure of a woman whose presence at the side of Jesus has been disturbing for some, but proves to be inspiring for others.
A Study of Determinism and Early Christian Philosophy of Ethics
Author: Paul Linjamaa
In The Ethics of The Tripartite Tractate (NHC I, 5) Paul Linjamaa offers the first full length thematical monograph on the longest Valentinian text extant today. By investigating the ethics of The Tripartite Tractate, this study offers in-depth exploration of the text's ontology, epistemology, theory of will, and passions, as well as the anthropology and social setting of the text.
Valentinians have often been associated with determinism, which has been presented as “Gnostic” and then not taken seriously, or been disregarded as an invention of ancient intra-Christian polemics. Linjamaa challenges this conception and presents insights into how early Christian determinism actually worked, and how it effectively sustained viable and functioning ethics.
The Egyptian Priestly Figure as a Teacher of Hellenized Wisdom
In The Tradition of Hermes Trismegistus, Christian H. Bull argues that the treatises attributed to Hermes Trismegistus reflect the spiritual exercises and ritual practices of loosely organized brotherhoods in Egypt. These small groups were directed by Egyptian priests educated in the traditional lore of the temples, but also conversant with Greek philosophy. Such priests, who were increasingly dispossessed with the gradual demise of the Egyptian temples, could find eager adherents among a Greek-speaking audience seeking for the wisdom of the Egyptian Hermes, who was widely considered to be an important source for the philosophies of Pythagoras and Plato. The volume contains a comprehensive analysis of the myths of Hermes Trismegistus, a reevaluation of the Way of Hermes, and a contextualization of this ritual tradition.
Selected Papers from the Seventh International Conference of the International Association of Manichaean Studies in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, 8–12 September 2009
In 2009 the Seventh International Conference of Manichaean Studies was held at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin. The 22 selected papers of this volume offer a deep insight into the faith of Manichaean communities ranging from the very beginning of the 3rd century up to the last traces of worship today. Among others the authors deal with sources from Augustin, John the Grammarian, Ephrem the Syrian and further sources written in Coptic, Sogdian, Middle Persian, Parthian and Chinese. Several studies about Manichaean art and iconography offer a visual impression, which gives a new opportunity for understanding the religion of Light.
Hans-Martin Schenkes Kleine Schriften zu Gnosis, Koptologie und Neuem Testament
During a lifetime of scholarship and teaching, Hans-Martin Schenke produced a large number of publications in the fields of New Testament, Gnosticism, and Coptology. This collection of his essays and book reviews bears witness to his love for the linguistic aspects of Coptology and illustrates his wide-ranging interest in the development of early Christianity. His insights and deep understanding of Gnostic beliefs and systems as a background for interpreting the New Testament make his contributions to this discipline very rewarding and indispensable reading.

Im Laufe seines langen wissenschaftlichen Lebens hat Hans-Martin Schenke eine Fülle von Veröffentlichungen in den Bereichen Neues Testament, Gnosisforschung und Koptologie hervorgebracht. Die hier vorliegende Sammlung seiner Aufsätze und Rezensionen bekundet den Reichtum seines Schaffens. Sie zeugt von seiner Liebe zur koptischen Linguistik und veranschaulicht die Spannweite seines Interesses an der Entwicklung des frühen Christentums. Seine tiefe Kenntnis gnostischer Vorstellungen und Systeme als Hintergrund für das Verständnis des Neuen Testaments lässt seine Beiträge zu einer unentbehrlichen Fundgrube und seine Einsichten zu einem lohnenden Lesevergnügen werden.