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Evliya Çelebi in Bitlis

The Relevant Section of the Seyahatname

Edited by Robert Dankoff

In 1655 and 1656 Evliya Celebi found himself three different times in the eastern Anatolian town of Bitlis, the center of a quasi-independent Kurdish khanate having a long and tumultuous relationship with the Ottoman state. The account of Evliya's adventures in Bitlis, including a major expedition against the khan mounted by Evliya's patron Melek Ahmed Pasha, the Ottoman governor of Van, forms a coherent narrative which deserves to be studied on its own.
The centerpiece of the book is a critical edition of three long extracts, amounting to forty-three folios of the autograph ms., form volumes IV and V of the Seyahat- name, along with an annotated English translation on facing pages. The introduction discusses the narratological, historical, and linguistic aspects of the text, and there is a complete index of proper names.
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Varqa ve Gülşāh

A Fourteenth-Century Anatolian Turkish Mes̱nevī. Edited with Translation, Glossary and Introduction by G.M. Smith

Yusuf-i Meddah?

Âli, Mustafa bin Ahmet,1541-1599.

Kâtip Çelebi,1609-1657. and Dervīş Aḥmed,transcriber.

Warner, Levinus,1619-1665,comp. and Petri, Nicolaus,17th cent.,transcriber.

Yaḥya bin ʾIsḥaḳ,17th cent.,translator. and Golius, Jacobus,1596-1667,corrector.