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This volumes examines the place of classical rhetoric in Augustine's theology. Rather than seeing rhetoric as a matter only of style, the authors examine the argumentative techniques that Augustine would have learned and taught as a professional rhetorician. Essays pay particular attention to the rhetorical practice of invention in order to uncover the ways in which Augustine's thought is not only expressed rhetorically but constructed rhetorically as well. If you want to know what kind of rhetoric Augustine used in the actual practice as a Christian writer and preacher, this volume will answer your question.


In Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, Richard Bauckham argues that the popularity of personal names in Gospels-Acts corresponds remarkably well to name popularity among late ancient Palestinian Jews and that this can only be the case if Gospels-Acts characters are in most cases historical as opposed to invented in the process of ‘anonymous community transmission’. We re-examine Bauckham’s conclusions, asserted with a remarkably high level of confidence but almost entirely without an actual statistical evaluation of his onomastic data, and perform the appropriate statistical analysis on the most recent onomastic dataset. We show that Bauckham’s thesis offers no advantage in explaining the observed correspondence between name popularity in Gospels-Acts and in the contemporary Palestinian Jewish population over an alternative model of ‘anonymous community transmission’. Moreover, our statistical analysis identifies some, albeit weak, evidence against Bauckham’s thesis.

In: Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus
No one mentions Syriac, – a dialect of the Aramaic language Jesus spoke –, without referring to Sebastian P. Brock, the Oxford scholar and teacher who has written and taught about everything Syriac, even reorienting the field as The Third Lung of early Christianity (along with Greek and Latin). In 2018, Syriac scholars world-wide gathered in Sigtuna, Sweden, to celebrate with Sebastian his accomplishments and share new directions. Through essays showing what Syriac studies have attained, where they are going, as well as some arenas and connections previously not imagined, flavors of the fruits of laboring in the field are offered.

Contributors to this volume are: Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Shraga Bick, Briouria Bitton-Ashkelony, Alberto Camplani, Thomas A. Carlson, Jeff W. Childers, Muriel Debié, Terry Falla, George A. Kiraz, Sergey Minov, Craig E. Morrison, István Perczel, Anton Pritula, Ilaria Ramelli, Christine Shepardson, Stephen J. Shoemaker, Herman G.B. Teule, Kathleen E. McVey.
In: The Third Lung: New Trajectories in Syriac Studies
In: The Third Lung: New Trajectories in Syriac Studies
In: The Third Lung: New Trajectories in Syriac Studies
In: The Third Lung: New Trajectories in Syriac Studies
In: The Third Lung: New Trajectories in Syriac Studies