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Theological Encounters from Hong Kong to Beijing
Volume Editors: and
In this volume, Lam and Thurston present a series of important theological debates between Jürgen Moltmann, the contemporary German Reformed theologian, and humanities scholars based in Chinese metropolises from Hong Kong to Beijing between 2014 and 2018. Featured, along with original essays and newly edited contributions by Moltmann, are the voices of such renowned Chinese scholars of religion as He Guanghu, Lai Pan-chiu, Zhuo Xinping and the contemporary comparativist Yang Huilin. These debates matter because they shed light on themes rarely explored in cross-cultural theological dialogue as it unfolds, showcasing the ongoing relevance of theological critique in and with the contemporary humanities. Contributors to the volume are: Hong Liang, Kwok Wai-luen, Lai Pan-chiu, Jason Lam, Jürgen Moltmann, Naomi Thurston, Yang Huaming, Yang Huilin.


Children growing up in contexts of toxic stress face a cascade of deleterious realities that impact them at every level of their being. However, when children are securely attached to healthy adults in their lives, those supportive relationships can be both protective and transformative for those young people. Given the power of secure attachment and the New Testament’s frequent use of the metaphor of family to describe the church, this paper proposes that when ecclesial communities operate as real and healthy families in their contexts, those communities can thereby create missiologically significant spaces of healing and transformation for the children in their midst. In an effort to reimagine and reshape our ecclesial communities to function as such reciprocal and mutually supportive families, Child Theology and studies of early Christian community, catechesis, and worship are put into conversation with one another.

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