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Arts, Creativities, and Learning Environments in Global Perspectives aims at investigating the encounters that can occur between the arts and creativities in various learning environments and cultural contexts. The series intends to explore the multiplicity of these approaches by presenting perspectives from diverse learning environments, not solely formal institutions like schools, universities, academies, and colleges, but also non-formal ones (cultural institutions, libraries, museums, theatres, orchestras, archives, organisations, and work-places) or informal ones (play and games, community projects, amateur art, and clubs). This means that a pluralistic view on the artS – indeed, plural – is being embraced by including artistic expressions from all genres and artistic encounters at all levels, including the arts-based, artist-led, arts-inspired, arts-integrated. We encourage contributions from all over the world, in order to challenge a well-established Western-centred understanding of creativity and art (singular). This series will strongly support global perspectives, cross-cultural studies, critical theories, creative dissemination and a broader re-framing of the role of the arts for learning and for society.
Avant-Garde Critical Studies, a series founded in 1987 for themed-anthologies and monographs on all aspects of avant-garde and avant-gardism in modern literature, theatre, music, visual and applied arts, architecture and design from the late nineteenth century to the present.

We publish high quality research on specific trends in single arts, countries and regions, as well as comparative and interdisciplinary studies in the interrelation between the different arts as well as between the arts, social and political contexts and cultural life in the broadest sense and all its diversity.
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Die Forschungsstelle »Entartete Kunst« ist Ende des Jahres 2002 auf Anregung der Ferdinand-Möller-Stiftung am Kunsthistorischen Institut der Freien Universität Berlin gegründet worden.

Gegenstand der Forschungen sind die Methoden nationalsozialistischer Kunstpolitik, insbesondere die Verfemung moderner Kunst. Zum Kernstück der wissenschaftlichen Tätigkeit gehört die Rekonstruktion der Beschlagnahmeaktion »Entartete Kunst« von 1937 und die Anlage eines Inventars. Seit April 2010 ist der erste Teil dieser Dokumentation von insgesamt mehr als 20?000 beschlagnahmten Werken im Internet frei zugänglich.

In Zusammenhang mit der Suche nach den verschollenen Kunstwerken fragt die Forschungsstelle nach dem Schicksal der betroffenen Künstler, den Strategien der Museumsleiter und dem Kunsthandel im »Dritten Reich«. Mit der Herausgabe einer eigenen Schriftenreihe werden schlaglichtartig, aber auch in Überblicksdarstellungen neue Erkenntnisse und Ergebnisse aus dem Themenkreis der Forschungen publiziert.
A peer-reviewed series on topics in early modern forms of theatre, theatricality and drama. Contributions may come from any of the disciplines within the humanities, such as theatre studies, musicology, literary history, art history, book history, church history, social history, cultural history, and history of ideas. The series aims to open up new areas of research or new approaches to early modern drama. It publishes monographs, collections of essays and key text editions.

The series publishes an average of one volume per year. The series' editor-in-chief is Jan Bloemendal.
The Journal of African Archaeology Monograph Series is a supplement to the Journal of African Archaeology. It offers a platform for more extensive contributions such as research monographs, refereed conference proceedings and other collections that do not fit the Journal’s scope.



With no clear textual or physical proof of an ancient Roman settlement, Siena faced considerable challenges to its assumed antiquity in the trecento and quattrocento. The damaging insistence by Giovanni Villani, Leonardo Bruni, and Flavio Biondo, among others, of Siena’s Gallic—and thus non-Roman—origins prompted the Sienese state to develop an elaborate civic program in defense of its antiquity and Roman-ness, or Romanitas. Building upon expanding literature of the republic’s endeavor to manufacture evidence of a Roman foundation, this paper examines the ways in which the general Sienese population engaged this state-endorsed effort to promote classical origins and participated in communal performances that popularized Siena’s Roman identity. Through the celebration of the she-wolf as a symbol of Siena, the continuation of key Roman practices, and spiritual devotion to patron saints selected from the early centuries of the church, the Sienese public proved critical to the success of the Renaissance city’s claim to antiquity.

In: Explorations in Renaissance Culture