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The series features scholarly reference works and research tools on topics in the history, religions, culture and linguistics of China.

The series published an average of 1,5 volumes per year over the last 5 years.
Editors: Michael Lackner and Zhao Lu
This is the first comprehensive book that presents the manifold aspects of divination and prognostication in traditional and modern China, from the early period of oracle bones to present-day fortune-tellers. It introduces what is out there in the field of Chinese divination and prognostication, and how we can further explore it especially through different disciplines. Eminent specialists outline the classifications of divination, recently excavated texts, the relationship between practitioners and clients, the place of the “occult” arts in cosmology, literature and religion, and the bureaucratic system.
Contributors are: Constance Cook, Richard J. Smith, Marc Kalinowski, Stephen R. Bokenkamp, Lü Lingfeng, Liao Hsien-huei, Philip Clart, Fabrizio Pregadio, Esther-Maria Guggenmos, Andrew Schonebaum, and Stéphanie Homola.
Brill’s Humanities in China Library makes available in English translation the work of humanities scholars who are shaping academic discourse in China. This series includes academic work examining and analyzing issues related to history, literature, philosophy, culture, society, and religion in China, translated from the original Chinese volumes. These works are invaluable to China Studies scholars and Sinologists, and at the same time enable students and scholars in disciplines outside of those fields to become acquainted with works that are highly influential in mainland China.

Hailed as one of the most influential Sinologists in contemporary times, Professor Jao Tsung-I had a broad range of academic interests, including classical Chinese studies, Chinese philosophy, literary studies, historical studies, palaeography, epigraphy, archaeology, religious studies, cultural exchanges, Dunhuang studies, bibliography, chorography, and fine art studies. With his encyclopedic erudition of scholarly contributions to traditional Chinese scholarship and culture, Professor Jao was a true master of our times. This book series is one of the important initiatives of Hong Kong Baptist University's Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology to promote a wider circulation and to extend the influence of Jao's scholarship. Articles are selected from the twenty-volume set 饒宗頤二十世紀學術文集 Rao Zongyi ershi shiji xueshu wenji, translated into English, and published in five volumes covering the studies of 1) Oracle bone inscriptions and excavated manuscripts; 2) Chu ci, Fu rhapsody and Wen xuan; 3) Chinese musicology; 4) Sino-foreign relations; and 5) Dunhuang studies.
Series Editors: Barend ter Haar and Maghiel van Crevel
China, the third largest country in the world and comprising one quarter of the world's population, is the oldest continuous civilisation surviving to the present day. Its political and economic influence, reaching well beyond Asia, has over the past decades grown at an astonishing pace, something which makes a thorough understanding of its history and mentality into one of the essential aims of contemporary scholarship.

Brill's renowned book series Sinica Leidensia, founded in 1931 and edited by an international board of sinologists, has over the decades steadily and reliably furthered knowledge on traditional, and therewith contemporary China. It deals with the full scope of China's rich history, political, social and economic, but also with China's religion, philosophy, science, literature, languages, and technology. Chronologically, the series covers the period from earliest historical times to the present day.

The series features monographs on substantial subjects, coherent collections of articles, text editions, and translations. Text editions are, as a rule, accompanied by a translation on facing pages. Translations are fully annotated, and the introductions to both text editions and translations include full evaluations of the text concerned. All volumes are in English.

In: Handbook of Divination and Prognostication in China
In: Handbook of Divination and Prognostication in China
In: Handbook of Divination and Prognostication in China
In: Handbook of Divination and Prognostication in China
In: Handbook of Divination and Prognostication in China