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In Kizzuwatna, Andrea Trameri presents a history of the kingdom of Kizzuwatna, located in Cilicia (southern Anatolia), from its origins to the fall of the Hittite Empire. Encompassing both philological and archaeological evidence in the discussion, this book is the first comprehensive historical study of interdisciplinary scope dedicated to Kizzuwatna and the region of Cilicia in the second millennium BC. The book presents and re-analyses a diverse array of sources and data, providing an updated overview of various topics of interest beyond political history – including historical geography, culture and religion, population and language. Some new findings and proposals further contribute to an improved understanding of the history of the Hittite kingdom and other neighboring regions in the Middle and Late Bronze Age (ca. 2000-1200 BC).
Bibliographie égyptologique annuelle
Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity E-Books Onlineis the electronic version of the book publication program of Brill in the field of Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity Studies.

Biblical Studies, Ancient Judaism, Ancient Near East, Egyptology, Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnosticism & Manichaeism, Early Church & Patristics

This e-book collection is part of Brill's Humanities and Social Sciences E-Book collection.

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Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World - 20 Volumes with Index
BRILL’S NEW PAULY is the English edition of the authoritative DER NEUE PAULY, published by Verlag J.B. Metzler since 1996. The encyclopaedic coverage and high academic standard of the work, the interdisciplinary and contemporary approach and clear and accessible presentation have made the NEW PAULY the unrivalled modern reference work for the ancient world.
Fifteen volumes (Antiquity, 1-15) of BRILL’S NEW PAULY are devoted to Greco-Roman antiquity and cover more than two thousand years of history, ranging from the second millennium BC to early medieval Europe. Special emphasis is given to the interaction between Greco-Roman culture on the one hand, and Semitic, Celtic, Germanic, and Slavonic culture, and ancient Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on the other hand.
Five volumes (Classical Tradition, I-V) are uniquely concerned with the long and influential aftermath of antiquity and the process of continuous reinterpretation and revaluation of the ancient heritage, including the history of classical scholarship.

BRILL’S NEW PAULY presents the current state of traditional and new areas of research and brings together specialist knowledge from leading scholars from all over the world. Many entries are elucidated with maps and illustrations and the English edition will include updated bibliographic references.
The electronic version of the Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 1 The Near and Middle East series.

The series includes scholarly reference works, bibliographic works and research tools pertaining to the political, economic, and social history of the Near and Middle East and Muslim World at large, encompassing works in the humanities as well as the social sciences; studies of religions, the sciences, arts, archaeology, anthropology, literature and linguistics.
Scholarly works, bibliographies and research tools pertaining to the art and archaeology of Ancient Near East and Asia. This series has been discontinued.