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Mingyuan Gu

Cultural Foundations of Chinese Education describes the evolution of Chinese education for more than 5,000 years, and analyzes in depth its interaction with Chinese culture. From the Imperial Civil Examinations to the Western Learning; from the transplant of Western systems of education to the New Democratic Education Movement; from the copying of the Soviet experience in education to the explorations for approaches to establish new education in China since the Economic Reforms in the late 1970s, this book provides unique analyses on conflicting elements in Chinese education, and leads to the understanding of the issues in modernizing education in China.

With condensed and concentrated analyses on the process of historical evolution and the interactions between Chinese education and Chinese cultural traditions, this book can be used as a major reference for international readers to understand education in China from the perspective of cultural evolution.


Edited by Dongping Yang

The third volume of the English-language The China Educational Development Yearbook offers international scholars a glimpse into key issues in Chinese education today from the perspective of Chinese academics, practitioners, and applied researchers. This volume starts with an excellent overview of educational developments in 2009, which witnessed the formulation of the National Outline for Medium and Long Term Educational Reform and Development initiated by the Chinese government. The formulation of the Outline is a milestone event for Chinese education and has triggered enormous enthusiasm for the belated educational reform. Scholars and practitioners discussed the significance of the Outline and its implications on the development and reform of pre-school education, basic education and higher education. In addition, this volume provides timely attention to the educational implications of major developments such as the impact of the financial crisis on China’s education, corruption in various branches of academics, and the development of non-profit educational organizations.

The China Educational Development Yearbook, Volume 3 informs the Western readers of the current educational development in policy, practice, and research in China.