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This volume explores cross-generic analysis as a hermeneutic approach to traditional Chinese literature through nine case studies, which cover a combined temporal span from the tenth to the twentieth century.
The contributors examine connections, parallels, and dialogic relations among canonical literary forms and other kinds of materials, both diachronically and synchronically, across and within texts, and between different modes of representation. A wide range of theoretical issues are elucidated, including cultural memory, gender, sexuality, visuality, theatricality, and regional identity. Expanding conventional understanding of what constitutes the literary, these studies also complicate and contribute to intellectual discourses beyond China studies.
Representing the Shadows of the City of Light
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This volume invites you to wander through the shadows of the City of Light and discover another, often invisible and silent Paris. Its chapters explore Parisian margins, including various populations, spaces and practices, as represented in French literature and cinema since 1800. You will take a peek at the Parisians’ criminal activities and nocturnal lives in the nineteenth century, and witness how industrialization and capitalism between the 1850s and the 1970s reshaped the socioeconomic map of the city by creating or reinforcing spaces of social inequity. You will also meet marginalized groups that are often ignored or neglected in today’s Paris—and French society—including the LGBTQIA+, Black and immigrant communities.
Fredrika Bremer (1801–1865) reached out to the world beyond her native Sweden. Her promotion of women’s emancipation was celebrated and pursued by Sophie Adlersparre (1823–1895), Rosalie Olivecrona (1823–1898), and Alma Åkermark (1853–1933). From dreams to projects involving collaboration with Britain, France, and Germany, in translation, literature, and periodical editing, this book unearths exciting transnational connections that contributed to the awakening of the Nordic feminist movement. Shedding light on the circulation of liberal ideas, Marxist theory, and the Nordic debate, the three chapters of the book focus on cultural variation, constructive conflicts, mutual (mis)understandings, and class issues.
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Ce volume interroge les conditions de l’interprétation des textes littéraires, à la lumière des propositions de Stanley Fish sur L’autorité des communautés interprétatives (1980): leurs présupposés, leurs compétences et croyances, conditionnent l’activité herméneutique, interrogée ici par des spécialistes de littérature française, espagnole ou comparée. Réfléchir au fonctionnement concret de telles communautés – création, renouvellement, adhésion, dissidence, relation concurrentielle entre communautés, volonté d’imposer une interprétation… –, amène à envisager des implications en termes de libre arbitre et d’individualité essentielles pour nos disciplines, et à repenser les relations entre texte, auteur et lecteurs, parfois en opposant des objections nouvelles aux postulats de Fish, parfois en proposant des alternatives.
Thinking with Stephanos Stephanides
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The book captures key moments in the critical and creative dialogue of literary scholars, poets and artists with poet, author, documentary film-maker and literary scholar Stephanos Stephanides. Employing a polyphonic and cross-disciplinary perspective, the twenty-three essays and creative pieces flow together in cycles of continuities and discontinuities, emulating Stephanides’s fluid and transgressive universe. Drawing on the broad topic of borders and crossings, Shifting Horizons and Crossing Borders offers critical material on themes such as space and place, dislocation and migration, journeys and bridges, movement and fluidity, the aesthetics and the politics of the sea, time, nostalgia and (trans)cultural memory, identity and poetics, translation and translatability, home and homecoming. An invaluable reference for anyone interested in the crosscurrents between the poetic, the cultural and the political.
Protestants, Jesuits, and British Literature in Poland–Lithuania, 1567–1775
An in-depth look at British–Polish literary pre-Enlightenment contacts, The Call of Albion explores how the reverberations of British religious upheavals in distant Poland–Lithuania surprisingly served to strengthen the impact of English, Scottish, and Welsh works on Polish literature. The book argues that Jesuits played a key role in that process. The book provides an insightful account of how the transmission, translation, and recontextualization of key publications by British Protestants and Catholics served Calvinist and Jesuit agendas, while occasionally bypassing barriers between confessionally defined textual communities and inspiring Polish–Lithuanian political thought, as well as literary tastes.