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From the French origin of Coca Cola to McDonald’s sponsorship of the 2015 Milan Expo, the book presents the first comparative history of these multinational corporations in two Western European countries, addressing some compelling questions: to what extent our increasingly globalized world is persistently shaped by forms of American hegemony, and what are some of the forces that have been most effective at challenging the relationship between Americanization and globalization? Through the local history of global companies, the book tells a new story about not only the influence of American businesses in Europe but also the influence of European governments and societies on those American businesses and their adaptability.

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The globalized social state known as “the new normal” goes far beyond than the norms and habits of physical distancing, limited person-to-person contact, teleworking, and self-isolation established with the irruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of significant changes in human behavior spreads in societies all around the world: an emergent state reconfiguring desire, conditioning pleasure and producing new realities, including uncharted forms of experiencing sex, relationships, gender awareness, and self-transformation, but also of control and governmentality as well. Sexuality and Eroticism in a Post-Pandemic World explores this new cultural atmosphere through twelve interdisciplinary essays going from ars erotica to alternative pornography, from online dating and virtual reality to gender fluidity, from LGBTQI+ artivism to sex life cultivation, and more.
The book follows the movements of the concept of “woman” from the Early modern to the post-colonial age, through the words of women who challenged its patriarchal definition. The concept of “woman” is doubly polemical. It affirms sexual difference as political difference, while denying the universal character of modern political concepts which represent the unity of the political and social order, exposing its fundamental division. At the same time, “woman” is a concept marked by differences ‒ of race, class, culture ‒ that continually redetermine its content. To make the history of the concept of “woman” is thus to affirm a different perspective on history itself, a partial perspective that lays the groundwork for the feminist critique of the present.
Visa Balladur, Kwassa Kwassa, (im)mobilité et géopoét(h)ique relationnelle aux Comores
« Entré en tant que cousin, sorti en tant que gendarme ». Cette anecdote révèle le paradoxe identitaire aux Comores et le drame ‘migratoire’ qui se déroule dans l’Archipel depuis l’instauration arbitraire du Visa Balladur en 1995. L’île de Mayotte, officiellement française, est taxée de « plus grand cimetière marin du monde. » Comment des œuvres d’imagination sur la « migration » d’Anjouan vers Mayotte peuvent-elles constituer une thérapie collective et une intervention sociale ? Cet ouvrage répond entre autres à cette question en analysant 18 textes et en associant études littéraires, anthropologie, sociologie, histoire et droit international.

« He came as a cousin and left as a gendarme. » This anecdote expresses the identity paradox in the Comoros and the ‘migration’ drama that has been happening in the Archipelago since the arbitrary introduction of the Balladur Visa in 1995. Mayotte that is ‘officially’ French has been labelled “the biggest marine graveyard in the world”. How can works of imagination on “migration” from Anjouan to Mayotte constitute a kind of collective social therapy and social intervention? This book answers this question (among others) by studying 18 works, and combining literary studies with anthropology, sociology, history and international law.
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This volume provides a timely reflection of this growing interdisciplinary field of translation, interpreting and political discourse. It includes very recent work carried out by researchers from a range of countries. The chapters illustrate new trends and perspectives in the interdisciplinary research field, and extends previous research. The volume covers both translation and interpreting modes in monolingual, bilingual and multilingual contexts. It features the convergences and synergies between the two modes, and thus provides new insights on these different modes of language communication. Furthermore, instead of situating translation in politics or politics in translation, the volume treats political discourse and translation/interpreting at equal levels, thus allowing more room for the discussion of the interdisciplinary nature of the field.