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Being Algae
Open Access
Transformations in Water, Plants
Water plants of all sizes, from the 60-meter long Pacific Ocean giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) to the micro ur-plant blue-green algae, deserve attention from critical plant studies. This is the first book in environmental humanities to approach algae, swimming across the sciences, humanities, and arts, to embody the mixed nature and collaborative identity of algae.
Ranging from Medieval Islamic texts describing algae and their use, Japanese and Nordic cultural practices based in seaweed and algae, and confronting the instrumentalization of seaweed to mitigate cow methane release and the hype of algal photobioreactors, amongst many other standpoints, this volume comprehensively addresses the ancestors of terrestrial plants through appreciating their unique aquatic medium.
Phänomene, Formen und Methoden
Die philosophischen Dimensionen der Digitalisierung werden in diesem Band multiperspektivisch untersucht. Zu den Themen gehören „Digitalisierung und Kritik“, „Ethik und Privatheit“ sowie „Realität und Virtualität“. Auch die grundsätzliche Frage nach den Möglichkeiten einer „digitalen Philosophie“ wird aufgeworfen. Die neuen Technologien von Internet, Künstlicher Intelligenz und virtueller Realität werden in den philosophischen Blick genommen – nicht um sie schematisch zu kategorisieren, zu fixieren oder zu reduzieren, sondern um diese in ihrer phänomenologischen Reichhaltigkeit zu erfassen und kritisch zu reflektieren.
This is the first in a series of sourcebooks charting the reception of Avicenna (Ibn Sīnā, d.1037) in the Islamic East (from Syria to central Asia) in the 12th-13th centuries CE. Avicenna was the dominant philosophical authority in this period, who provoked generations of thinkers to subtle critique, defense, and development of his ideas. The series will translate and analyze hundreds of passages from works by such figures as al-Ghazālī, al-Suhrawardī, Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī, Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī, and many more. This volume focuses especially on issues in metaphysics, dealing with topics like the essence-existence distinction, the problem of universals, free will and determinism, Platonic Forms, good and evil, proofs of God’s existence, and the relationship between philosophy and theology.
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Perspektiven der Philosophie. Neues Jahrbuch eröffnet Forschern, denen die philosophische Begründung des Denkens wichtig ist, eine Publikationsmöglichkeit. Wir verstehen uns nicht als Schulorgan einer philosophischen Lehrmeinung, sondern sehen unsere Aufgabe darin, an der Intensivierung des wissenschaftlichen Philosophierens mitzuwirken. Besonders fördern wir den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs und laden ihn zur Mitarbeit ein.

Mit Beiträgen von: Damir Barbarić, Artur Reginald Boelderl, Beate Fränzle, Jutta Georg, Ludwig Jaskolla, Rolf Kühn, Salvatore Lavecchia, Claudia Luchetti, Renate Müller-Buck, Heinz-Gerd Schmitz, Harald Seubert und Philipp Zimmermann.
History and Phenomenology of a Janus-faced Emotion
Wounded pride of the hero motivated one of the primal poems, pride of the angel caused his downfall and hubris of man cost him his expulsion from earthly paradise and the sale of his soul to the devil. Different forms of pride play a central role in many myths. This book conscientiously reviews the history of these emotions, literary recreations and philosophical approaches and accounts for their relevance in the contemporary world. It offers an original phenomenology of pride, which draws on preceding historical and analytical work, and a conceptual and musical speculation on the future of posthuman pride.