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Music in the Writings and Imagination of Silesian Humanists explores the sound-world of early modern Silesia via the writings of humanists active there in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries who both observed musical culture and actively participated in it: a poet, a publisher, a pedagogue, a physician, a historian, and a regionalist. Such an approach makes it possible to reconstruct their perceptions and understandings of music—a constitutive element of this community. As these authors concentrated more on the representation of music than the art itself, the book reflects the collective memory of the republic of scholars: their individual and common imaginarium.
The English Subtitling of the Weekly Thai Prime Ministerial Addresses
The book explores the complex relationship between ideology, language, and cultural nuances during subtitling, illuminating the translators' strategic decisions in capturing the depth of Thai political speech. It exposes the nuanced ways in which language can affect the comprehension of political messages and shape perceptions by drawing on an abundance of examples. Ideology at Play looks at the problems and opportunities that come up when these famous speeches are translated. It covers linguistic subtleties, cultural sensitivities, and the complicated relationship between language and politics. It gives new ideas about how ideology shows up in translated texts.
Arguments for Transformative Left Politics in South Africa
South Africa was the hope of the world. It had an impressive and rich tradition of left politics. At the heart of post-apartheid democracy-making was a revolutionary nationalist ANC, the oldest Communist Party in Africa, the SACP, and one of the most militant labour union federations in the world, COSATU. Yet, South Africa is at a crossroads and many are deeply concerned about its future. This book explains through a political economy/ecology analysis why and how the degeneration of national liberation politics has happened, while making praxis-centered arguments for a new transformative left politics.
Volume Editor:
Earning a doctorate can be a daunting, yet rewarding, venture; the doctoral journey can include immeasurable sacrifice (e.g., health, family, finances). This edited volume—a collective narrative—comprises diverse educationalist perspectives from scholars who have successfully navigated the doctoral journey. Clearly articulated throughout this collective narrative, there are innumerable ways to complete the doctoral journey; the laborious journey is not a linear process but rather a lattice of ever-evolving professional and personal relationships, experiences, perspectives, and insights. Personal accounts of resilience and growth serve as sources of inspiration while offering sage advice, genuine insights, and significant analyses—all seamlessly connected.

Contributors are: Laurie Hill, Makie Kortjass, Michael Paul Lukie, Ntokozo Mkhize-Mthembu, David G. Ngatia, Heather Raymond, Alessandra Romano, Pearl Subban, Kathy Toogood and Barbara van Ingen.
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